Burnyeat of Whitehaven

I'm pleased to announce that Nev. Ramsden has placed a new article on my Rumbutter website at:


"This article attempts to show how the descendants of one man, Phillip Burnyeat, who was the son of a yeoman farmer from a west coast Lakeland valley, came to Whitehaven in about 1770. Here he prospered. His descendants, like many other people from west Cumberland, went on to leave their County and make their way elsewhere in the world."

Dickinson of Streetgate

I have now done as much on the Dickinson of Streetgate account as I'm likely to. Any future changes noted by your RSS feed will be added details (such as baptism dates) or corrections, rather than anything of substance. Of course, there is a great deal more to add (wills, transcripts, etc.), but at the moment I want to get on with other things.

You can, of course, always contact me if you want further information.

Pearson of Bridgend in Ullock in Dean

Some 15 years ago I did a lot of work into the various Pearson families in some parishes in Copeland in Cumberland (England) in the seventeenth century. This included the Pearsons of Ullock.

The original work was distributed on CD-ROM and has percolated through onto web pages over the years.

I've just reassessed the Pearsons of Ullock, though not the other Pearsons, and put the revised version here. This includes source material (BMD entries, probate, etc.). Probate is restricted (for publishing reasons) by the password 'probate'.

The starting page is:


You can get to anything else from the links there.


Families: Danson of Mockerkin


I have written a brief account of the Danson family of Mockerkin in Loweswater.

I did this partly to test out my new Profile section.

You use the password probate to get into the Danson wills.



I have been working on a little project to list all these early families of Mockerkin., so this Danson article has now been placed in aa a post in a blog about early Mockerkin. The URL above has been changed to reflect this.

Genealogy: Profiles


I have added a new section Profiles.

The intention of this is to build a linking profile for each person for whom there are multiple sources on the site - eg wills. This will take a very long time to compile and will never be finished!

I will only be doing profiles people connected with my family or with families in Lamplugh, Lowewater and the surrounding parishes - and will be mainly 17th century. Possibly other contributors will also add profiles in due course, giving a wider spread.