The i360

I have a Lumix digital camera that has a night function. It takes multiple pictures in succession instead of one, and moulds the results into a single image.

So here are some views of the i360 that you've never seen before! Taken at 2am yesterday (12-10-2016).

These are Hi-Res, so may take a time to download.








Birthday Cake

Flower Bud


And finally, and sadly, this little bird was smashing itself against the brightly-lit glass window of the area beneath the tower, driven like a moth to a flame. It would not have survived much longer that night.

I was able to cup it in my hands, without damaging it any further, and carried it down to the darker seashore. I opened my hands. It sat for a couple of seconds, spied the bright lights of the Hotel Metropole, and flew off. To its death, no doubt.

The Brighton Festival and Fringe 2015

I shall add to these over the next fortnight (I hope!)

Bank Holiday Monday Buskers

Bank Holiday Monday

Classical Buskers, Saturday 9 May (with a photobomb)

Life 9 May

Out 16 May