Viewing experience

In an ideal world, you should see a side-panel on the left of the screen. If you aren't, don't worry. Anything you need is repeated on the home page.


Any individual collection of stuff on this site is called a 'collection'. Sometimes these are blogs, sometimes articles (in reverse order to the standard blog), sometimes galleries, and so on. I have been a bit cavalier in my terminology in the past, and am trying to correct this!


Navigation is intended to be as simple as possible.


An image with a red name below it is usually a link - click on it to go somewhere.


Links to a parent level are usually thumbnails in the top right corner of a post (some collections are still legacy - the link is at the bottom of each post, but these should be eliminated over time).

Links to a lower level are placed in a grid on the first post of a collection.

If you have just come from a parent level, always click on the first post of a grid (IN UPPER-CASE) - the title post. This can contain additional images and information.

The other posts are in lower-case.

Generally, grid posts for articles (that aren't expected to change much) don't have publication dates. Other grid posts will have dates to show that they have been added or changed. The order will be shown by latest date.


You may encounter a password-protected page. This may be because it is under construction, or the author doesn't want a general release (for instance, some of my material is for close family only), or because the password prevents the material inside from being technically published and liable to image publlication fees (even though the owner of the image - generally crown copyright -  is happy about the image being used). If the last, then generally the password will be available at a higher level and the image will be watermarked and re-transmission is not allowed.


Images may be presented in various ways. The most common is the lightbox, in which you click on the image to present it full screen (any text associated with the image should show if you hover your cursor over it). A gallery may present individual images in a slideshow (where backward-forward-arrows or thunbnails may be clickable) and slideshows may be automated (I rather discourage this!).


You can click on tags and categories at the bottom left-side of posts. If you then use the left-right arrows, you can read through other posts with that tag or category.


You can comment and 'like' any post. Please do so - it helps the author to feel that the effort has been worthwhile.


Please tell me if you need a section on any other aspect of using the site.