Cumbria External Search Engine

Please go to the link opposite if you want to search external sites for Cumbrian history, genealogy or archaeology.

The search engines below are for searching Rum Butter only.

Rum Butter Internal Search Engines


The internal search engine below searches the whole site.  This reacts immediately to any changes that may be made on the site.

You can't right click on a result to open it up in a new tab, but you can use your browser's back button to return to the result list.

Note: for names use FORENAME SURNAME to search text, but SURNAME FORENAME to search tags. The latter is especially useful for searching names contained in untranscribed wills, inventories and bonds.

The Google Custom Search below searches the whole site. It takes a week or more for any changes to the site to be registered - so you may encounter broken links where URLs have been changed.

You can right-click on a result to open it up in a new tab.

Individual collections may have more limited search engines. I haven't flagged these all yet, but intend to do so - always come back here if you are getting unexpected results.