Profiles of people mentioned in the historic records on this site.

This takes a long time to do, so progress will be quite slow.


I will only be doing profiles for people in the parishes around Lamplugh, and mainly pre-1720. Possibly other contributors will add to this to make the section of more general interest.


The internal search engine below searches the whole site.  This reacts immediately to any changes that may be made on the site.

You can't right click on a result to open it up in a new tab, but you can use your browser's back button to return to the result list.

Note: for names use FORENAME SURNAME to search text, but SURNAME FORENAME  otherwise. The latter may find images that have not been transcribed but that have been tagged (e.g. SMITH John).

The Google Search below will search only in the profile and probate sections. It can take a week or so for newly added profiles to show up in the search results.