Dickinson of Streetgate: Location


Streetgate is in the parish of Lamplugh and was in the manor of Lamplugh and Arlecdon.


It is one of a number of farms that geographically stick out from the parish like a cowl on an oast house, the western boundary defined by the River Marron. This area is reasonably good quality river-valley land - the families here have never relied on the fells.

As well as the manorial contact with Arlecdon, this area had strong links with the parishes of Dean (to the west and north) and Loweswater (to the east) that wrap around the cowl. The Marron flows downstream northwards to Ullock in Dean, and the hamlet of Mockerkin in Loweswater to the northeast is very much part of the local network.

The southern part of the parish of Lamplugh, a different manor, was (and is?) almost foreign to the residents here!


The local market town, Cockermouth, is about eight miles to the north. The Dickinsons of Streetgate took full advantage of that.