John (-1581) and Annas (-1608) Dickinson: Children


John Dickinson of Streetgate (-1644)


The eldest son and heir.

The children of John (-1581) and Annas (-1608) Dickinson


Agnes Woodall (alive 1628) of Ullock


Ullock in Dean (not to be confused with Ullock in Crosthwaite) is a village immediately north of Streetgate and Lingcroft. With the River Marron flowing through, it was a place for weaving and dyeing - a connecting point between the rural community and the market town of Cockermouth.

The Woodhalls of Ullock had held a major freehold. John Woodhall of that family had married Elizabeth Grindal in 1542. His son William sold the freeholding in 1571, immediately after Elisabeth's brother was appointed Archbishop of York. Moving to Essex, he left behind his uncle Oswald, now possessor of a much less significant tenement in Ullock.

Agnes married Oswald's grandson, John. Maybe not much of a connection to the late Archbishop, but a kinship nevertheless! Furthermore, the marriage provided a cousinhood with Christopher Crakeplace, a local rising star. His brother-in-law, William Sumpton, was then living at Streetgate. And the marriage provided a cousinhood with the Bowmans of Lingcroft, a farm next to Streetgate. So, the event was quite significant.

Nothing has come up about their two children, John and Mary.


Woodhall/Woodall, Crakeplace, Sumpton, Bowman and Dickinson

Phillips of Moresby


Elizabeth married John Phillips of Moresby. In his 1618 will, he mentioned three children: William, Dorothy and Elizabeth.

His probate inventory valued his possessions at only just over £15, though he had a tenement and cottage. He looks like someone who had promise but died young.

Placeholder for John Phlllip's will

Placeholder for John Phlllip's will