John Dickinson (c.1540-1581)


John Dickinson of Streetgate, c.1540-1581



The surviving Lamplugh parish register starts in 1581 - and John Dickinson's burial is one of the first to be recorded. His widow Annas [Agnes] remarried eighteen months later - a marriage of nine years - and died some 15 years after that. The spellings Annas and Agnes are interchangable at this time, and presumably indicate that the pronunciation was towards 'Annas'.

John Dickinson of Streetgate (died 1581)

From the Lamplugh Parish Register




1581 Dec 18

1583 June 24

1592 July 2

1607/8 Feb 17

John Dickinson of Streetgat

Leonard Stanwix and Annas Dickeson the wife of John Dickeson of Streetgate

Lennerd Stanwixe of Streatgat

Agnes Stannix relict of Leonardi Stannix

John and Annas had six children - John, Agnes, Elizabeth, Richard, William and Janet. Annas went on to have a further son, Thomas, by her second husband Leonard Stanwix. 

The children of John and Annas are listed (usefully, as their baptisms would have happened before the extant Lamplugh register) in the probate inventory of Loenard Stanwix (20 July 1592):


to keep six children of John Dickinson deceased  for their children portiones (whose names are, John Dickeson, Rychard Dickeson, Wyllm Dickeson, Janet Dickeson, Annas Dickeson and Elizabeth Dickeson £23 18 2


As John younger married in 1595, it would seem likely that John senior was born around 1540 (both Johns probably married in the normal age range for a yeoman male of 25-35 years old; and there is no evidence to suggest complications).


And that is probably about as much as one can infer about him. He left no will.