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Then you say Joseph has worn it occasionally?  - Just putting it on and taking it off when he came back; and little Matthew and all – it was not him alone.

Then it was not a coat worn by Henry? -  No it was made for Henry.

But was it worn by him? – I cannot say – keeping off when he went a fishing.

Have you observed any marks of blood upon it? – We saw it when the police fetched it down stairs, blood from the rabbits or so, about the pockets.

Did you observe no other marks of blood except those near the pockets – No, sir, I never took notice of it.

Of course if there any marks of blood upon other parts of the coat you don’t know how they came there? – No, I don’t but I can take God to witness it has never been out since then.

There was a pair of trowsers brought away by the police, do you know whose they were? – They would be Henry’s. They were a pair I was going to set a patch on. I was going to do it either the week before the term, or at the term. When I was ratching (seeking) through the clouts for something to mend them with, I found another pair that I thought I could mend titter (sooner) and I did mend them. They only wanted a single clout on, and I put it on and put the other pair among the old clothes. I had not got them done when the officer came.

You are now speaking of the trowsers the officer brought away? – Yes, sir, I had got started with them.

Did you observe any marks on them? – I didn’t, sir. They are very easy marked, for he is hedging so oft – they are very easy marked.

Perhaps you can tell us how long it is since Henry wore them? – He would wear them sometime through the summer, but I cannot say when.

When did he wear them last? – Well, he’ll have worn them some time during the summer. There was two or three pairs of old ones.

How long was it before Henry wore them? – I cannot say; I will not wrong my conscience. I wish to do what is right before God and myself, and I have done what is lawful and right. I have a soul to save alive, and I will not forswear myself for any man. I can’t say that. I had two or three pairs of old ones, and I washed them to put them through the harvest.

What I want to know is how long before was it that Henry had them on? – I cannot say. He bought a pair from Hamilton, but I cannot say.

By Mr ROBINSON – William had some powder and shot on the table on Saturday night when I went out to milk.

Did he take it out with him? – I cannot say.

What became of it? – I threw the shot in the fire.

The CORONER – Do you know what William did with the powder and shot? – I do not.

Did you ever see it again?  - Yes. I took it from the plate shelves on Monday.

Why? -  Well, sir I was advised to destroy everything of that kind about my house – never to let any of my family take anything out again, after this accident had happened.

How did you know it was there? – That is the place where it was always put, ever since we had a house.

What was it in? – The shot was in a leather thing, and the powder, I believe, in copper. The caps were in a little box.