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We searched Graham’s house again next morning and found a velveteen shooting jacket, which I now produce. There are several spots of blood on it. (The coat was a regular poacher’s jacket, containing large double pockets. The shoulders and back were marked with spots of blood in several places, and the linings of one of the pockets were also saturated with blood. In a small pocket were a number of broken twigs, used in poaching for setting nets etc. about 3 inches long, all quite fresh.) We found the coat behind the bed head – between the bed and the wall. The mother was present when I found it. She said it was a coat of Joseph’s, that he had on last week when he was coursing rabbits. I took the clothes and other things over to Kirkoswald where I delivered them to Sergeant Robinson. I received from Hamilton Hogarth the head of a wooden ramrod, broken: and two fragments of a gun stock from James Elliot. I now produce them.



 Dr George Gill

Charles Christopher Hewitson, surgeon.


(Both gave evidence about the post mortem)


Mrs Nanny Graham was then recalled.

The CORONER read over the depositions taken on Tuesday last. At the request of Mr ROBINSON, the part relating to the ramrod was again read.

The CORONER – Do you wish that to stand as it is? – Yes.

The CORONER – Because you first say you put the stock in first and then the ramrod.

Witness was then examined by the CORONER and Mr ROBINSON.

Whose coat was that that officer Pharoah took from the bed upstairs? – He did not take it off the bed. I let you see where it was hanging.

But he got it upstairs? – Yes. He took it down on Tuesday morning. He looked at the place on Monday but did not take it down. The coat was made for William, but has never been worn by any one since William had the license two years ago, except when Joseph and Matthew put it on to go to get rabbits in Hugh Nixon’s liberties, when they had leave. I cannot say where; it’s a place where I never was.

Did Henry ever wear it? – He has had it on when he has been fishing a chance time, but it is a long time since he had it on. I cannot say how long since.

Can you give us an idea of months or years? – I cannot say, and I will not say any more that I know.

Would it be a year? – He may have worn it within a year, and put the fish in his pockets. I will not say anything but the truth.

Did William ever wear it? – I cannot say; I never saw him with it on.

Can you say when it was last used by any of them? – It was some time about Martinmas. One of them had it on then.

Which of them? – Joseph and Matthew. We have a large family and I cannot say which, but I know they were out about then. They were in Hugh’s liberties then among the rabbits.

Did they bring any home? – Yes.

How many? – I cannot say. Maybe two or three, but I cannot say.

And that is the last time the coat has been worn by anyone? – Yes.

And it has not been out of the house nor on any one’s back since that time? – No.