Preface by the site owner


This was originally intended to be a display of the probate images that I have on file (a fairly large collection in the hundreds). I had permissions from TNA (for PCC) and Preston RO (for Copeland). However, it was vastly too ambitious a project and I got tired with creating watermarks, etc..

Meanwhile, technology has transformed. Family Search are digitising their wills and many indexes are now online. So I have decided not to use this section as an archive, but as a resource in the background.

What this means in practical terms is that you can no longer see a list of probate entries. Instead you now go to the Profile section, look the person up there and then follow the link to that person's probate.

Images are hidden behind a password (for copyright and publishing reasons). The password is : probate.

Even when there is no abstract or transcript of a will, inventory or bond, key names are included in the profile's tag field. Tags are shown at the bottom of the profile page.

You can search tags by using the search format: SURNAME forename.

This collection will eventually contain information about all probate jurisdictions in this area - a future project.