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Mr Monk – you say the prisoner did not appear in drink? – I smelt neither meat nor drink in him, till he got in a rage about the keeper.

Oh, then, he did get in a rage? What did you think of all this? – I thought nothing about it till I heard the keeper was lost.

Then, if a man swears he don’t care for heaven or hell, you don’t think anything of it? – (No answer).

Why don’t you answer me? – I took no notice.

Yes, you appear to have a marvellous memory, but that was not what I ask. I ask you, did you believe he was in earnest? – He appeared to be so.

Did you believe he was in earnest? – Yes, I believed him.

You knew Simpson? – No, never saw him.

Did you not know there was a watcher at Staffield Hall? – Yes.

You went to put him on his guard? – No, I did not.

Why not? – (After a long pause) – I had another errand.

Or else you would have gone? – (Another pause) I had no occasion.

Was that errand the reason you did not give information? – Yes.

How long did it take you to go to your errand? – (Slowly) – Till about eleven.

Have you had anything to drink this morning? – No, sir.

Then your manner cannot be attributable to drink. What time did you go? – After my day’s work.

What time was that? – Between six and seven.

Where did you go to? – To Ainstable.

How far is that? – About a mile.

What did you go for? – To pay a bill.

For yourself or somebody else? – Myself.

Had it been long owing? – No: I had to go to a blacksmith’s.

What about? – A boring whistle. (Explained to be a boring iron).

You went for that? – Yes.

Where do you live? – Dale.

Near where you work? – Two miles off.

In what direction? – Partly south east.

What time did you get your errand done? – About eleven o’clock.

It took you five hours then. Had you nothing to drink? – No, not at a public house.

Then where were you staying? – I went home and waited for the miller.

That being so, I dare say you went to give some information next morning? – No I did not.

Now, you say you would have gone on the Saturday night if you had not had an errand. Why not in the morning? – I was very tired.

That was the reason, was it? – Yes.

His LORDSHIP – Collect yourself. Do you mean to say so? – Yes, my lord.

Mr MONK – Were you not rested before Sunday afternoon? – I heard tell of my mother being poorly.

Answer my question: were you not rested? - Yes.

If you had not heard your mother was poorly would you have gone? – Yes.

What time did you hear of your mother being poorly? – About four.

How soon did you go? – I was back at eight.

Why, did you not go then and give information? – I heard tell of his being lost.

Then you remembered distinctly what you heard the night before? – Yes.

You went to tell them, I have no doubt? – No, I did not.