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It appears that William Graham had told his brother Henry on the Sunday morning that he had made an end of Simpson, and desired him to put the gun, which was broken, out of the road. Henry then hid the stock in a field, where it has since been found by the police, and the barrels William himself hid in the thatch of an outbuilding. The pieces of broken stock found on the spot where the murder was committed, fit exactly to the broken gun stock found in the field.

The prisoner William Graham cannot be removed to Carlisle on account of his sickness. He is in a melancholy state of prostration – mental and physical. On Wednesday morning Mr Robinson had Dr Jackson and Dr Pearson of Penrith, to examine him and report upon the state of his health, and as to whether he ought to be removed to Carlisle. Dr Pearson was of the opinion what it was scarcely possible he could live. He eats nothing; in fact, he does not seem wishful to eat. The only nourishment he can be induced to take is a little wine in which is beaten up a portion of an egg. He does not appear as if he wanted to recover from his sickness, but would rather die. During the week he has frequently requested that he might be visited by some one who would converse with him on his spiritual affairs, and he has, in consequence, been daily visited by the vicar of Penrith, and a visitor from the Penrith Good Samaritan Society.

The chain of evidence against him, independent of his confession, is now, we believe, very complete. The reason assigned by Boustead for not giving his evidence sooner is because he was afraid that William Graham might be liberated, and if so he would be sure to take his (Boustead’s) life.

The coroner will proceed with the inquest today at Ainstable. On this occasion reporters are to be admitted, and we believe the whole of the evidence already taken in the case will be made public.



Verdict of Wilful Murder against William Graham

The following is a list of the witnesses examined before the Coroner at the private sittings:

Friday Dec 26th

James Elliot, bailiff of Staffield Hall, spoke to the finding of deceased’s body. His watch was stopped at half past 12. He also stated that two pieces of gun stock were found on the place where deceased appeared to have been murdered, and were handed to him. He locked them in his desk, and afterwards gave them to Pharoah by his wife.


Joshua Eland stated that Joseph Graham picked up a piece of ramrod on the spot where the murder was committed. (Witness afterwards qualified this statement). Joseph was standing close to the rive when the body was first discovered.


Hamilton Hogarth said he assisted in tracing the body. He found a piece of ramrod where the marks of blood were on Eden Banks.