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I informed my master Mr Fetherstonhaugh, what had happened on the Monday morning, and when inquiries were made for William Graham, it was found that he had left the neighbourhood and it was not known to me where he had gone to. He did not return again before I left Mr Fetherstonhaugh’s employment. About three or four months before the assault took place, William Graham told me that he had often looked for me instead of game, but could not find me in the right place. He threatened me so frequently that I gave over paying any attention to him. William Graham lives at Longdales with his father and mother, about a mile from me. The prisoner’s father and mother have threatened me more that once that I should die some night with my shoes on. They both threatened me.

(In answer to the prisoner William Graham) – You felled me with a stick. You did say that you had looked for me instead of game.


John Slee, of Low Heskett, in the county of Cumberland. – I am a policeman. I was going my round as a policeman on Sunday the 22nd of June last. I called at Clement Richardson’s house at High Field. He complained to me of having been assaulted by William Graham the night before. His face appeared to be much hurt, he had a wound above his eye; the skin was cut through; there was another wound upon his lip, and the skin was cut through; there was another mark or two on his face. His face appeared to be much bruised and both his eyes blackened. I ascertained that William Graham had absconded.

In answer to the prisoner – I don’t know whether you were in the neighbourhood for ten days afterwards.

The only witness examined today was:-

Thomas Bowness of Cross House in the parish of Ainstable in the county of Cumberland, farm servant, who said:

On Saturday night, I think in the month of June last, I met the prisoner William Graham at Ruckcroft; he asked me to go to Staffield with him and I said I would. We were on our way to Staffield when we met Clement Richardson on Nunnery Brow Top. Clement Richardson asked us where we were going to, one of us told him that we were going to Staffield. Clement Richardson said they were shut up at Staffield and were gone to bed, we had better go back with him.  We walked back about a quarter of a mile with him to the gate leading to his own house. Clement Richardson turned in at the gate, Graham and Richardson had previously stopped at the gate and had a little conversation. They were not quarrelling. I walked on a few yards, and the prisoner Graham came to me. Graham and I walked on towards Ruckcroft about fifty yards, when we heard a noise behind the hedge. The noise appeared to be made by some one walking behind the hedge. Whilst Graham and I were talking about the noise, we heard a noise as if some person had set his foot on a rail and broke it. Graham said he would go back and see what it was. He told me to go on. I went on, and Graham went back. I afterwards heard Graham and Richardson talking. After I had gone on a piece I stopped and heard blows. I think I heard two blows as if made by one man upon another. While I heard them talking they were both in the field where we heard the noise. The sound of blows appeared to come from the same place where I heard them talking. Graham was away from me about five minutes and then came back to me again on the road. Graham said that Richardson and he had quarrelled, and that they had had bats. We walked on about a quarter of a mile and then separated. I went home and Graham went on towards his own home.