Carlisle Bonds - Marriages

abstracted by

Terri Huber

Abbreviations: spr- spinster; C- Cumberland; W- Westmorland; yeo- yeoman; Ws

KL = Kirklinton; KA = Kirkandrews; NB = North Britain


FHL FILM #1657625, items 1-2: Carlisle district marriage license bonds 1801-1824

FHL FILM #1657625, items 1-2: Carlisle district marriage license bonds 1801-1824

FHL Film No. 0412602 Diocese of Carlisle Marriage Licenses 1740-1752 v 2

FHL Film No. 0412601 Diocese of Carlisle Marriage Licenses 1668-1670, 1697-1739

FHL Film No. 90694 Marriage bonds for the Diocese of Carlisle, 1668-1824

Church of England. Diocese of Carlisle Marriage bond transcripts, 1668-1774. 1668-1670, 1697-1739 v. [Years 1671-1696 missing]

FHL Film 90695 Marriage License 1775-1788, 1775-1824 Diocese of Carlisle, Cumberland, England


18 Dec 1669 Hall, Christopher, Cumwhitton, yeo & Pearson, Jane, spr. Ws: Holme, Edmond, Carlisle, yeo

5 Jul 1700 John Routledge, SP, Yeo and Elizabeth Ewart. (Bond

27 Jul 1700 Hector Nixon, Bc, C, Yeo and Margaret Graham (Bond

27 Sep 1700 George Nixon, x, Bc, C, Yeo and Sybil Pearson. (Bondsman: Hector Nixon, Hetherside, C. Yeo)

Date missing John Routledge of Oakshaw, Bc, C, Yeo and Mary Routledge, of Redgatehead, Spinster. (Bc: Bondsman

19 Aug 1704 George Forster, Bc, Yeo, to blank (Bond- Edward Grayson, Carlisle, Shoemaker, pg 21)

18 Nov 1704 pg, 21 Thomas Armstrong, SP, Yeoman & Elizabeth Litle, Arthuret (Bond

9 Apr 1705 John Soaife, x, Old Wall, C, Yeo and Mary Hetherington. Bond: Edward Mulcaster, x, Leversdale, C, Yeo, pg 23

9 Jun 1705 William Hetherington, x, Newhills, C, Yeo and Jane Calvert. Bond: George Irwen, x, Upper Twon,Yeo, pg 23

9 Apr 1706 John Scaife, Old Wall, C, Yeo and Mary Hetherington. Bond: Edward Mulcaster, x, Levesdale, C, Yeo

22 Nov 1708 Mulcaster, Edward, Irthington, yeo & Bulman, Margaret. Ws: Addison, John, Carlisle, saddler

12 Mar 1708 Graham, William, Kirklinton, yeo & Jackson, Mary. Ws: Jackson, William, Hill, yeo.

23 Apr 1709 Bell, John, Kirkandrew on Eske, yeo & Armstrong, Jane. Ws: Haugh, John of Haughton, yeo & Haugh, William of Haughton, yeo

9 Sep 1709 Anthony Forster, x, Florihurst, C, Yeo and Mary Forster. Bond: John Forster, x, Florihurst, Yeo, pg 35

13 Apr 1711 Sewell, Joseph, Carleton, yeo & Wilson, Margt, St Cuthberts Carlisle. Ws: Sewell, Tho, Newlands, yeo

4 Feb 1715 Leonard Potts, Lines, LP, C, Yeo and Margaret Armstrong, Haltwhistle. Bond: John Potts, Orton, pg 61

22 Jun 1715 James Murray, x, Graystone Flagg, Bc, C, Yeo; and Mary Murray, Bc, Widow (Bond

28 Oct 1715 Adam Nixon, Croft, Bc, C, Yeo and Barbary Armstrong, Bc

27 Jan 1716 Edward Charlton, Symonburn, Nhb, Yeo, and Elizabeth Bell, LP, C, Spinster. B: Richard Bell, x, LP, C, Yeo. Pg 66

18 Feb 1716 William Graham, SP, C, Yeo and Mary Routledge, SP, Spinster, B: William Boyd, Rickergate Without, Carlisle, Yeo. Pg 66

28 Jun 1716 James Henderson, x, Nunscleugh, Bc, C, Yeo and Jane Scott, Bc, Widow. (Bond: Robert Armstrong, x, close, C, Yeo) page 63.

11 Aug 1716 Thomas Gibson, SP, C, Yeo and Sarah Hetherington, SP. (Bond

28 Aug 1716 Graham, William, Kirkhill, Kirklinton, yeo & Ferguson, Sybell, Kirklinton, spr. Ws: Story, Tho:, Lake, yeo.

No date David Carruthers and Elizabeth Birrell, Kirkandrews [just a note to check Kirkandrews for Birrells] page 64

Nov 1716 Elizabeth Birrell mar to Christopher Carruthers, Kirklandrews on Eske, pg 64

3 Aug 1717 James Gillespy, SP, Yeo and Margaret Allen, Bc, Spinster. Bond: William Boyd, Rickergate extra, Parlulm, Carlisle, Yeo.

9 Aug 1717 Edward Bulman, LP, C, Yeo and Anne Jackson at LP. Bond: John James, Carlisle, Merchant.

10 Aug 1717 William Rutherford, Bc, C, Yeoman and Anne Robson, Bc. (Bond

15 Aug 1717 John Bell, Orchard House, LP, Yeo and Mary Nixon, Bc, Widow (Bond

27 Nov 1717 Graham, Thomas, Granehead, Kirklinton, yeo & Atkinson, Jane, Kirklinton. Ws: Atkinson, Rich:, Richardgate, shoemaker.

15 Dec 1717 Thomas Armstrong, Birkbus, LP, Yeo and Frances Topping, Bc, C, Spinster (Bond

23 Apr 1718 John Harding, Irthington, C, Yeo and Ann Hetherington, Brampton, Spinster. Bond: Isaac Deane, Brampton, C, Mch. Pg 73

1 Nov 1718 Joseph Potts, Bc, C, Yeo to Mary Litle, Bc (Bond: Archibald, Little, Campbel Flat, C, Yeo. Pg 76

8 Nov 1718 James Armstrong, Howend, C, x, Yeo and Elinor Kirkham (Bond

21 Mar 1718 Losh, Robert, Netherton, yeo & Sewell, Anne, Bleckett, p. St Cuthberts Carlisle. Ws: Matthew, Richard, Carlisle, yeo. Directive: St Cuthbert

26 Mar 1719 Robert Creighton, Penrith, C, Gent and Mary Richardson, Penrith. Bond: Joseph Hogg, Great Salkeld, C. pg 78

23 May 1719 William Irwen, x, Woodhead, C, Yeo and Mary Baty. Bond: Robert Carruthers (signs Carrudes), Rickergate, C, Yeo. Pg 79.

3 Oct 1719 Walter Nichel, LP, C,Yeoand Mary Hetherington. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Simon Heward, Hewbrey, C, Yeo, pg 80

15 Aug 1720 George Forster, SP, C, Yeo and Sarah Armstrong, SP. Bond: Thomas Railton, Major, Carlisle Armory. Pg 85

No date Edward Hetherington, LP, Yeo, to blank (Bond

11 Jun 1720 Hetherington, Thomas, St Cuthberts, Botcherby & Tindale, Jane, Torpenhow, spr. Ws: Tyndall, John, Torpenhow, yeo. (St Cuthbts)

13 Aug 1720 Newall, Thomas, Kirkanders upon Esk, yeo & Armstrong, Margaret, Kirkanders upon Esk. Ws: Baty, William, Kanhas, yeo (Kirkanders)

21 Sep 1720 Milburne, Robert, now of St Cuthberts, Carl, yeo & Fisher, Jane, now of same, spr. Ws: Ffysher, Thomas, Cumwhitton, yeo (St Cuth)

15 Oct 1720 Slater, John, Wetherell, yeo & Brown, Jane, Kirklinton. Ws: Addison, William, Carl, yeo

2 Dec 1721 John Wilson, Bc to Elizabeth Routledge, Bc, Spinster (Bond: William Boyd, Carlisle, Gent), page 95.

30 May 1722 Goodfellow, George, Newbiggin, Kirklinton, yeo & Graham, Esther, Kirklinton, spr. Ws: Addison, Tho: Carl, clk (K

3 Sep 1722 Armstrong, Edward, Arthuret, yeo & Routledge, Eliz, Arthuret, spr. Ws: Carruthers, Robert, Rickergate, yeo (Arthuret)

15 Feb 1723 Mallinson, Thomas, Hauxdale, yeo & Armstrong, Mary, St Cuth, Carl, spr. Ws: Cowen, William, Carl, yeo (Dalston or St Cuth)

8 Aug 1724 William Hetherington, x, Lake, C Yeo and Mary Calvert, Carlisle, Spinster. Mar to be at KL. Bond: John Calvert, Hethersgill, C, Yeo. Pg 112

8 Aug 1724 Thompson, John, Walton rigg, yeo & Goodfellow, Eliz, Walton, spr. Ws: Elliot, William, Hayton, yeo (Walton)

15 Aug 1724 Archibald Goodfellow, x, Dormanstead, SP, C, Yeo and Isabell Wilson, Wd. Mar to be at SP Bond: Thomas Lambert, x, Carlisle, page 113

31 Oct 1724 John Barnfather, Banks, LP, C, Yeo and Elizabeth Lowthian, Banks, aged abt 30, Singlewoman Bond: Thomas Barnfather, x, Banks, Yeo, LP. Page 115.

6 Mar 1724 Lowry, Thomas, Molehill, yeo & Bulman, Margt, Camockhill, Irthington, wid. Ws: Elliot, Gawine, Leversdale, yeo (Kirklinton or Irthington)

27 Nov 1725 Hector Goodfellow, x, Hethersgill, C, Yeo and Jane Endmont, Spinster. Mar to be at KL or Irthington. Bond: Archibald Goodfellow, x, Dormansteads, SP, C, Yeo, pg 122

13 Apr 1725 Edward Hetherington, Highhouse, C,Yeo and Margaret Graham, LP, Spinster. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Charles Watson, Carlisle, Gent, pg 125

29 Sep 1726 John Routledge, Oakshaw, C, Yeo and Mary Routledge, Redgatehead, Spinster. (Bond

25 Nov 1726 John Forster, Malsgate, SP, C, Gent and Christian Forster, Katewood, KL, C,Spinster. Bond: John Story, malsgaqte, yeo. WT: Mary Fala, Margaret x Turner. Mar to be at SP [waterstained, faded], pg 129

3 Dec 1726 Robert Armstrong, Belbank, C, Yeo and Anne Bell, SP, Singlewoman Bond: John Armstrong, Lineholme, Yeo, C. Mar to be at SP., page 129

2 Mar 1726 Armstrong, John, Carl, yeo & Pattinson, Isabell, Carl, spr. ws: Nixon, Anthony, Carl, yeo (St Cuthbert

24 Jun 1727 Ellwood, John, Newtown in Irthington, yeo & Dalton, Mary, Walby, spr. Ws: Blacklock, Mathew, Walby, yeo (Irthington or Crosby upon Eden)

17 Feb 1727 Francis Graham, Askerton, C, Yeo and Mary Robson, Askerton, Spinster, mar to be at LP. Bond: Robert forester, Haythwood, Gent. Pg 138

18 Nov 1727 Edward Routledge, Smithsteads, C, Gent to Elianor Armstrong, SP, Spinster (Bond

27 Nov 1728 Nixon, Jeffrey, Pokay (?), C, Carpenter and Anne Barnfather, Banks, LP, Spinster. Bond: Thomas Barnfather, Banks,C, Yeo. Mar to be at Walton or LP. Pg 146

31 May 1729 Graham, William, Oldwall, p Irthington, yeo & Stables, Isabel, 30, Blettern, p Irthington, spr. ws: Graham, Thomas, Blettern, yeo (Her father is dead & she is over 30) (Irthington)

27 Sep 1729 Walter Scott, Newcastle, Gent and Mary Forster, Bc, C, Spinster. (Bond

17 Dec 1729 Arthur Forster, Ash, Bc, C, Gent and Jane Story,30, Ash, Bc, C, Spinster (Bond: George Armstrong, Dent, Bc, C, Yeo; John Doe [no signature] John Armstrong Wt to bond. She is above 30. page 155

21 Feb 1729 Hector Armstrong, Dormansteads, SP, C,Bachelor, 25 and Jane Routledge, Todhills, Bc, C, Spinster, 26, Spinster (Bond

17 Oct 1729 Blacklock, Thomas, x, Carlisle St Mary


3 Jun 1730 Adam Armstrong, Lowgrains, Bc, C, Yeo and Margaret Routledge, Troburnfoot, SP, [sic. Troughburnfoot] Spinster. Bond: William Crow, Millholme, SP, C, Yeo (Thomas Routledge, father, consents. Bond is dated June 3

11 Jul 1730 James Hetherington, x, Bleatern, Irthington, C, Yeo and Susannah Reay, 25, Spinster, Highfieldmoore, Crosby Upon Eden. Bond: David Rea, Highfieldmoore, Crosby Upon Eden, Yeo, C, David is Susannah

18 Jan 1730 Adam Routledge, Hill-End, Bewcastle, yeo & Carruthers, Eliz, age 23, Hallroot, p Kirklinton, spr. Ws: Edkin, James, Keys House, Bewcastle, yeo. Her father consents but only objected yt his sd Daughter having a small Fortune he feared yt the sd A. R. wd scarce take her wth wt fortune he wd give her.

20 Feb 1730 Mr. Robert Forster, Haythwood, C, Gent, KA and Mrs. Jane Forster, Close, SP, C, Spinster. Mar to be at SP Bond: John Doe (no signature) Bond: brother to Jane, bond all written. Bond: Robert Forster, Close, C, Gent. Pg 168

29 Jan 1731 John Dodshon, Croft, Bc, C, Yeo and Ann Thompson, 20, Rennyonhills, LP, Spinster. Bond: John Thompson, Linstock, C, Yeo (Her father John Thompson consents) pg 177

15 Mar 1731 Christopher Routledge, Todhills, Bc, C, Yeo and Hannah Armstrong of the Side, LP, Spinster. Bond: Joseph Armstrong, LP, C, Yeo (has her mother

15 May 1731 Robert Richardson, Bc Miln, C, Miller, Yeo and Anne Hetherington, Bc, Spinster. Bond

6 Nov 1731 Joseph Barnfather, Banks, LP, C, Yeo and Janet Hetherington, 30, Walton, C, Spinster. Bond: Thomas Barnfather, Banks, Yeo. Mar to be at LP or St Cuthbert

18 Jan 1732 Thomas Hodgson, Breckenwaite, Cumrew Parish, C, Yeo and Elizabeth Forster, 25, Crooke, Bc, C, Spinster. Bond: William Fostter, Crooke, Bc, C, Yeo. Mar at Bc or Cumrew or St. Cuthberts, Carlisle (William is her brother and has her father

3 Jun 1732 David Barnfather, Banks, LP, C, Bachelor, 32, Yeo and Mary Bell, LP, Spinster, 29. Bond: Joseph Barnfather, Dalston, C, Husbandman. Mar to be at LP or Brampton or Dentorn, pg 181.

12 Jun 1732 Mr Jno Graham, Brampton, gen. & Walker, Mrs Anne, Brampton, 24, spr. Ws: Knagg, Robert, Carl, yeo & Walker, Mr John (jun), Brampton, gen. (John is Ann

28 Apr 1733 Richard Robson, Pellhill, Bc, Wdr., Yeo and Ann Atkinson, above 25, Thornyflat, Kirklinton, C, Bond: Richard Atkinson, C, Yeo. Mar to be at Kirklinton or Bc. Page 191.

14 Feb 1734 Robert Armstrong, Bellbank, SP, C, Yeo and Mary Armstrong, Bellbank, SP, Singlewoman. Bond: John Armstrong, Lineholme, SP, Yeo. Mar to be at SP. Her mother consents her father is dead. Page 212.

11 Jul 1734 William Talford, Singleman, above 26, Borderrigg, Bc, C, Husbandman and Jane Armstrong, above 24, Lowgrains, Bc, Singlewoman. Bond

28 Dec 1734 Batey, John, Millus?, p K. And on Eske, gen & Armstrong, Mary, p Ki And on Eske, spr. Ws: Wilson, Tho(mas), Longtown, Arthuret, innkpr. (Kirk Andrews upon Eske)

30 Dec 1734 James Hetherington, above 23, Brampton, C, Gent and Jane Stobbard, above 21, Bonewood, Cumrew, C, Spinster. Mar to be at Cumrew. Bond: John Dod, Newbiggen, Croglin, pg 211

6 Sep 1735 Fletcher, Joseph, Deerham, yeo & Turner, Jane, Deerham, spr. Ws: Wedgwood, Moses, Deerham, yeo. (Deerham)

5 Nov 1735 John Routledge, Rowntrees, Bc, C, Yeo and Sibel Graham, Rigg, Kirklinton, C, Singlewoman, Bond: George Graham, x, Rigg, Yeo Mar to be aqt Bc or KL (Goerge Graham is Sibel

15 Nov 1735 Joseph Armstrong, 30, Howry Hurst, LP, C, Bachelor and Mary Routledge, Flatt, Bc, Singlewoman. Bond: John Armstrong, LIneholme, SP, C, Yeo. Mar to be at LP or Bc. Pg 219.

6 Aug 1737 John Hetherington, Spoulbank, Walton Parish, Gent and Mary Hetherington, Walton, Widow. Mar to be at Walton. Bond: William Armstrong, Fieldfoot, LP, Yeo. Pg 236

1 Nov 1737 William Creighton, Bachelor, Stanwix, Gent and Elizabeth Railton, Bleckellwood, St. Cuthbert, Carlisle, Singlewoman. John Doe (no Signature) Mar to be at Wetheral or St. Cuthbert, Carlisle. She has her mother

26 Nov 1737 Henery Elliot, Sorbiestrees, Castleton, NB, Wdr, Yeo and Margaret Routedge, Cumrock, SP, Spinster, above the age of 35. Bond: John Routledge, Lines, LP, Yeo. Mar to be at SP. Bond written, pg 240

1 Dec 1737 How, John, Nealhouse, Thursby, yeo & Nicolson, Lettice, Baldenholm, p Orton, spr. Ws: Nicolson, Thos., Thursby, clk (Thursby)

24 Jun 1738 Jackson, Richard, the Hill, Rockliffe, bch, gen & Armstrong, Jane, 23, Mackiesmire, Kirklinton, spr. Ws: Armstrong, Ann, New Town of Rockliffe, p Kirklinton & Fisher, Tho., Carl, gen. Jane

15 Jul 1738 Robert Forster, Close, SP, Bachelor, Gent and Barbara Scott, Rownburnfoot, Canonby, NB, Spinster. Bond: Robert Forster, Haythwaite, Kirkandrews on Esk. Mr. R. Forster of Haythwaite heard Mr. William Scott, her father give consent) page 247.

25 Apr 1739 William Richardson, above 60, Ash, LP, Bachelor, Yeo and Sibil Robson, above 21, Ash, Spinster. Mar to be at LP. Bond: William Forster, x, St Mary Holm, LP, Yeo.

11 Jul 1739 Routledge, Robert, Park, Bewcastle, s/m, yeo & Armstrong, Hannah, Park Nook, Bewcastle, spr. ws: Routledge, Archebald, Park, Bewcastle, yeo (he is Robert

15 Nov 1740 Hetherington, Christopher, p Walton, over 30, s/m, yeo & Hetherington, Margaret, p Walton, over 30, spr. Ws: Love, Thomas, Botcherby, shoemaker (Walton or St Cuth Carl)

11 Apr 1741 Graham, Joseph, Leeshill p. Lanner Cost, s/m, gen. & Hetherington, Anne, 28, Irthington, s/w. Ws: Hetherington, Jno, Irthington (Anne

7 Nov 1741 Graham, Thomas, the Rigg p. Kirklinton, bch, yeo & Murray, Margaret, Boghall p. Kirklinton, spr. Ws: Murray, David, Riddings p. Kirkandrews upon Eske, yeo (Margaret

21 Nov 1741 Forster, Andrew, over 25, Nether Stonegarthside p. Kirkandrews upon Esk, yeo & Armstrong, Jane, over 23, Parknook p. Bewcastle, spr. Ws: Routledge, Robert, Parke p. Bewcastle, yeo (Jane

4 Jan 1741 Armstrong, Jno, Brampton, s/m, apothecary & Moffit, Jane, Brampton, spr. Ws: Moffit, Jno, St Maries Carl, malster (listed as

24 Apr 1742 Hetherington, David, Slack Head p. Kirklinton, bcvh, over 28, yeo & Musgrave, Jane, Lineumford p. Stapleton, spr. Ws: Musgrave, John, Field Head p. Stapleton, yeo (Kirklinton, Stapleton or Lanner Cost)

26 Apr 1742 John Forster (signature Forrester), Nook, Bc, Yeo and Eleanor Forster, Heathwaite, KA, Spinster. Bolnd: Robert Forster, KA, Gent; John Dodgson, Croft, Yeo. Mar at Stanwix, or KA. His father is dead, his mother consents. Eleanor is Robert

14 Aug 1742 Hetherington, John Pikestile p. Lanercoast, widr, grocer & Blackburn, Jane, Leesehill p. Lanercost, spr. Ws: Blackburn, Joseph, Leesehill, husbandman (Jane

24 Feb 1742 Graham, James, Fordsyke p. Scaleby (23), s/m, yeo & Baty, Mary, Burnthill p. Kirklinton (26), spr. Ws: Goodfellow, Ric: Scaleby, yeo. (Kirklinton or St Mary Carl)

19 Apr 1743 Hetherington, John, over 30, Brampton Park p. Brampton, husbandman & Brown, Isabel, over 19, Brampton Park p. Brampton. Ws: Brown, James, p. Brampton, chapman (Isabel

5 Aug 1743 Barnfather, David, Gillsland p. Lanercost & Armstrong, Mary, Woodhead p. Lanercost, s/w. Ws: Barnfather, George, Gillsland (David

1 Jun 1744 Graham, Walter, 23, Milltown p. Kirklinton, s/m, yeo & Munkhouse, Jane, 24, Carlisle, s/w. Ws: Monkhous, William, Carl, tobacconist (Jane

18 Aug 1744 Armstrong, Edward, Banks, Laner Coast, s/m, 22 & Dixon, Ann, Banks, 30, spr. Ws: Bell, William, Banks, weaver. Her parents dead. (Laner Coast or St Cuth C)

10 Jul 1745 Richardson, John, Easby p. Brampton, joyner & Hetherington, Mary, Easby. Ws: Hetherington, William, Seathwaite p. Crosthwaite, yeo. (Crosthwaite)

13 Jul 1745 Stables, Anthony, Brampton, over 24, s/m, yeo & Graham, Ann, Brampton, over, 24, s/w. Ws: Routledge, Richd, Brampton, gen. (Brampton)

17 Aug 1745 Blaylock, Robert, Walby p. Crosby upon Eden, 30, yeo & Graham, Ann, Scaleby, 25, s/w. Ws: Graham, James, Scaleby, yeo (her father). James Blaylock is groom

22 Aug 1745 Wherlings, Mr Jere, p. St Mary

2 Sep 1745 Yeats, Isaac, Littlehall p. Hayton, 22, s/m & Milburne, Barbara, p Hayton, 22, spr. Ws: Brown, John, Botchardby Mill, miller & Hodgson, William, Carl, bookseller. (Rocliff or St Cuths Carl)

24 Feb 1745 Dalton, John, p. St Cuths Carl, 28, s/m, butcher & Hetherington, Ann, Newtown p. Irthington, over 23, s/w. Ws: Pears, Richard, Carl, butcher. Her mother consents & father dead. (Lannercost or Irthington)

17 Apr 1746 Forster, Thos, Milton, p. Brampton, s/m, 34, gent & Graham, Mary, Hillhead p. Kirklinton, 20, spr. Ws: Graham, Robart, the Tree p. Brampton, yeo. Her parents consend (Brampton, Abbey Lanner Cost or Kirklinton)

19 Apr 1746 Armstrong, John, Woodhead p. Lannercost, s/m, 22, yeo & Goodfellow, Margaret, Woodhead, 30, s/w. Ws: Blake, Robert, Stapleton, yeo. Written bond. Her parents dead. (Lannercost or Stapleton)

17 May 1746 Sewel, Jno, Cardew p Dalston, s/m, over 21, mason & Stockdale, Jane, Sebergham, over 23, s/w. Ws: Robson, Isaac, Severgham (Sebergham, Stanwix or Rockcliff)

7 Jun 1746 Sewel, Michael, Brackenhill p Brampton, s/m, over 40, husbm & Armstrong, Mary, Brampton, wid. Ws: Hetherington, Jno, Irthington, blacksmith (Brampton)

23 Aug 1746 Tallentier, John, Brampton, wdr, gent & Hetherington, Isabel, Brampton, over 27, s/w. Ws: Hetherington, Jno, Irthington, gent (bride

11 Oct 1746 Dryden, John, Countholme p. Walton, s/m, over 40, yeo & Hetherington, Mary, Hurtleton p Irthington, over 30, spr. Ws: Hetherington, John, Hurtleton, yeo (bride

22 Oct 1746 Graham, John, Brampton, gent & Stables, Ann, Brampton, spr. Ws: Smyth, Leo: Carl, get. Her father dead, mother consents (Brampton, Hayton or Laner Cost)

23 Dec 1746 Graham, Thomas, Warwick Bridge p Wetherall, yeo & Garnet, Eliz, Orton, West., Ws: Garnett, Thomas, Orton, yeo

Abt 19 Jan 1746 John Potts, Camble Flatts, Bc, Bachelor, above age 22, Yeo and Eleanor Nixon, Nixonstown, Bc, above 22, spinster. Bond: Joseph Potts, Cambleflatts, Yeo. Mar at Bc or St. Curthbert

No Date Thomas How, Bc, Bachelor, above 24, Yeo and Dorothy Nixon, Bc, Spinster, she is above 24. Mar to be at Bc or St. Cuthbert

22 Jan 1746 Hetherington, John, Heverby p St Cuth Carl, wdr, yeo & Sanderson, Hannah, Heverby, wid. Ws: Nicholson, James, Carlisle, innholder & malster (St Cuth C.)

14 Feb 1746 Holme, Henry, Barnskew p. Crosby Ravensworth, West., ca 25, bch & Noble, Agnes, Wetherall, over 24, spr. Ws: Castlow, Will, Penrith, butcher. (Wetherall or St Marys Carl)

17 May 1747 Sewell, Robert, p St Mary

13 Jun 1747 Reed, John, Bellingham Demesne, NBL, s/m, 29, gent & Routledge, Grace, Park p Bewcastle, 22, spr. Ws: Routledge, Archbold, Park (bride

13 Jun 1747 Marriage at St Cuthbert, Carlisle: John Reed and Grace Routledge

25 Jul 1747 Graham, John, Newby p Irthington, s/m, over 23, yeo & Clark, Ann, Newby p Irthington, over 30, s/w. Ws: Gibson, John, Newby, taylor. (Irthington or St Maries or St Cuth Carl)

14 Dec 1747 Thomas How, Bewcastle, Bachelor, above 24, Yeo and Dorothy Nixon, Bc, SW at Bc or St Cuthbert

9 May 1748 Robert Routledge, Park, Bc, Wdr, Yeo and Jane Armstrong, Park, Bc, above 23, SW. Bond: Thomas Nicholson, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Mar to be at Bc or St Cuthberts, Carlisle, pg 109.

12 May 1748 Atkinson, Chris, Brampton, wdr, chandler & Hetherington, Mary, Brampton, over 30, s/w. Her parents dead. Ws: Thompson, Archebald, Brampton, carpenter. (Brampton)

25 Feb 1748 John Knubley, Finlandrigg, Bowness, Bachelor, 25 and Mary Liddel, Bowsteadgill, Burgh Upon Sands, Spinster, Bond: Edward Knubley,Genflanderuiggs, Bowness, Yeo. Mar to be at burgh by Sands, St Cuthbert

10 Mar 1748 Armstrong, John, Highgrainge, LP, s/m, over 30, yeo. & Elliot, Rachel, Highgrainge, over 23, s/w. Ws: Elliot, Joseph, Highgrange, yeo (bride

25 Apr 1749 Johnson, Thomas, Newton Irthington, s/m, over 23, yeo & Hetherington, Eliz, Leversdale p Irthington, over 26, spr. Ws: Pears, John, Carl, innkeeper. Her mother consents, father dead (Irthington)

1 Jul 1749 Hetherington, Christopher, Walton, wdr, over 30, yeo & Hutton, Alice, Neither Denton, over 30, spr. Ws: Urwin, William, Highraw p Denton, yeo (Denton or Walton)

22 Jan 1749 Hetherington, Tomas, Bankshead p Lannercost, s/m, over 28, carpenter & Atkinson, Mary, Bankshead, over 24, s/w. Ws: Preachard, Cuthbeart, Easeby, yeo. (Lannercost or St Cuth Carl)

27 Jan 1749 Graham, Thomas, Warwickbridge p Wetheral, wdr, yeo & Coulthard, Margaret, Scotby, p Wetheral, over 23, spr. Ws: Coulthard, William, Scotby, yeo (bride

10 Mar 1749 Mar Bond: John Armstrong, Highgrains, LP, Bach, Yeo, above 23 and Rachel Elliot, Highgrains, Lp above 23 B: Joseph Elliot, Highgrains, LP at LP or Bc. Joseph Elliot is her father. A Will Bond used as License Bond. Pg 120

10 Nov 1750 Graham, John, Spadeyadam p Laner Coast, wdr, yeo & Stapleton, Jane, Askerton p Laner Coast, over 30, spr. Ws: Graham, Ffrancis, Hillhead p Kirklinton, yeo (Lanercost0

15 Feb 1752 Kennety, Alexr, Baillie p Bewcastle, s/m, over 24, yeo & Routledge, Sybil, Baillie, over 21, s/w. Ws: Armstrong, Henry, Rickergate, maltster (Bewcastle)

3 Mar 1752 Routledge, Thomas, Kirkbeckstone p Bewcasle, wdr, mason & Gillespy, Jane, Luckers p Stapleton, s/w. Ws: Gillespy, James, Luckers, yeo. (bride

21 Mar 1752 Holiday, John, Houghton p Stanwix, s/m, schoolmaster & Hetherington, Mary, Houghton, s/w. Ws: Hetherington, Isaac, Houghton p Stanwix, yeo (bride

24 Mar 1752 Hetherington, James, Horse Holme p Abbey Lannercost, s/m, over 28, yeo & Sprote, Elizabeth, Greengatewell p Haltwhistle, NBL, over 19, s/w. Ws: Sproat, John, Greengatewell, yeo. (her brother). Her parents consent (Abbey Lannercost or St Cuth

19 May 1752 James Armstrong, Horseholm, LP, Bach, above 28, Yeo and Elizabeth Sprote, Greengatewell, Haltwhistle, Nhb, above 19, SW. B: John Sprout, Greengatewell, Yeo at LP or St Cuthbert

6 Jun 1752 Bill, William, Gunshole p Lannercost, wdr, yeo & Hetherington, Jane, Oldwall p Irthington, wid. Ws: Hetherington, Thomas, Thirlowgate, NBL, carrier (Irthington)

11 Jul 1752 Routledge, John, Askerton p Lannercost, s/m, over 30, yeo & Routledge, Sybil, Askerton, over 25, s/w. Ws: Mulcaster, John, Leversdale p Irthington, yeo (Lannercost or Bewcastle)

15 Aug 1752 Graham, Joseph, Smithsteads p Stapleton, s/m, 25, yeo & Potts, Margaret, Mosside p Stapleton, 21, spr. Ws: Potts, Thomas, Birtch timber hill p Kirkandrews upon Eske, yeo. Her mother consents & father dead (Stapleton or Kirkand or Stanwix)

18 Sep 1752 John Routledge, Mire Toddales, Bc, Bachelor, 23, Yeo and Mary Shortriggs, Birklestown, Bc, 27, Spinster. Bond: Richard Pears, Carlisle, Butcher. Mar at Bc or St. Curthberts, pg 182.

18 Nov 1752 Hetherington, John, Hullerbank p Hayton, s/m, yeo, over 30 & Story, Isabel, Barwickstown p Kirklinton, over 30, spr. Ws: Milburn, Wm, Carl. (K

18 Nov 1752 James Routledge, Wakerwaite, SP, Bachelor, above 30 and Elizabeth Forster. Bond: William Armstrong, x, Dikehead, Bc. Mar to be at SP, pg. 185.

18 Dec 1752 Graham, William, Moorhouses p Kirklinton, s/m, yeo & Murray, Eleanor, Boghall p. Kirklinton, s/w. Ws: Murray, Thos, Carl, butcher (bride

30 Dec 1752 Graham, Jonathan, Wheelbarrowhall p Wetheral, s/m, over 24, yeo & Barker, Mary, Birkhill p Wetheral, over 24, s/w. Ws: Falder/Folder, John, Wheelbarrowhall, shoemkr. (Wetheral or St Maries Carl)

1 Jan 1753 Routledge, Alan, Troughburnfoot p Stapleton, over 30, s/m & Scot, Isabella, Cannaby, NB [North Britain] , over 26, s/w. Ws: Goodfellow, John, Carl, watchmaker (Stapleton or St Cuth or St Maries Carl)

19 May 1753 Bulman, John, Irthington, s/m, over 30, gardiner & James, Margaret, Brampton, wid. Ws: Hetherington, William, Irthington, yeo (Brampton or St Cuth)

26 May 1753 Graham, Thomas, Oldwall p Irthington, s/m, yeo & Reay, Catharine, p. Crosby upon Eden, s/w. Ws: Harding, Christopher, Irthington, yeo. Her mother consents & father dead. (Crosby upon Eden)

27 Oct 1753 Little, Nathan, Harperhill (?) p. Stapleton, 24, s/m, joiner & Noble, Mary, Cleughside p Kirklinton, 23, s/w. Ws: Gibson, John, Anguswell p Kirklinton, weaver (Kirklinton or St Maries Carlisle)

3 Nov 1753 Routledge, William, Flatt p Bewcastle, s/m, gent & Routledge, Jane, Brampton, s/w. Ws: Routledge, Richd, Brampton, gent. (Brampton, Bewcastle or St Cuths Carl)

3 Nov 1753 William Jackson, Parknooke, LP, Bach, Tanner and Dorothy Armstrong, Bushnook, Denton, SW. B: James Robson, Swaites, Mason at Denton, St Cuthbert, Carlisle. Her father is dead.

3 Nov 1753 Stephen Robson, Millerhill, LP , Bach,Yeo and Rachel Jackson, Parknook, LP, SW. B: William Swinburn, Hallsguard, Yeo. Both above the age of 27. Her parents are dead.

3 Nov 1753 William Routledge, Flatt, Bc, Bach, Gent, and Jane Routledge, Brampton, SW, B: Richard Routledge, Brampton, Gent at Brampton or Bc or St Curthbert

18 Nov 1753 James Routledge, Wakerwaite, SP, Bach, Farmer, above 30 and Elizabeth Forster, Wakewaite, above 30, Spinster. B: William Armstrong, Dikehead, Bc, Farmer. Pg 185

17 Jul 1754 Hall, Robt, Wigton, late of Carl, barber & perriwigmaker, bch & Little, Margret, Michaelthwaite p Thursby, maid servant. Ws: Hallifax, Thomas, Michaelthwaite p Thursby, miller. She has been at Michaelthwaite since Whitsuntide last. (Thursby or Wigton)

3 Aug 1754 Hope, David, Newby p Irthington, wdr, yeo & Reed, Hannah, Cargo p Stanwix, spr. Ws; Reed, John, Bankend, weaver (Stanwix)

9 Sep 1754 Addison, Jonah, St Mary Holme p. Lannercost, bch, cooper & Barnfather, Mary, Banks p Lannercost, s/w. Ws: Barnfather, John, Banks, yeo. (Lannercost)

7 Oct 1754 Graham, Andrew, Stanwix, bch, yeo & Story, Eliz, Botchardby p St Cuth Carl, s/w. Ws: Blair, John, Rickergate, bricklayer. (Stanwix)

9 Oct 1754 Robson, Henry, p St Mary Carl, bch, weaver & Graham, Susannah, Broomhill p Irthington, spr. Ws: Ferguson, Richd, Carl, chapman (St Mary Carl)

30 Oct 1754 Armstrong, Thomas, Wheelbarrowhall p Wetheral, bch, hsbm & Mattinson, Ann, Hawksdale p. Dalston, s/w. Ws: Mattinson, George, Hawksdale, yeo. (Dalston)

2 Nov 1754 Pattinson, John, Scotby p Wetheral, bch, shoemaker & Graham, Mary, Scotby, spr. Ws:Love, Robert, Scotby, shoemaker (Wetheral)

23 Nov 1754 Robson, John, the Side p. Lannercost, bch, yeo & Armstrong, Eliz, Woodhead p Lannercost, s/w. Ws: Armstrong, John, Woodhead, yeo (Lannercost)

14 Jan 1755 Hetherington, Christopher, Coat Hill p Wetheral, 30, s/m, yeo & Potts, Ann, Cawthwait p Hesket, 21, spr. Ws: Potts, John, Cawthwait, yeo (Hesket or Wetheral)

22 Jan 1755 Hetherington, Isaac, Farlam, hsbm, wdr & Milburn, Mary, Talkin p Hayton, wid. Ws: Thirlwall, Joseph, Brampton, grocer (Hayton)

17 May 1755 Armstrong, Robert, Butterburn p Lannercost, wdr, yeo & Elliot, Ann, Highgrange (Highgrains?), Lannercost, s/w. Ws: Elliott, Joseph, High Grange, yeo (Lannercost)

4 Jun 1755 Jackson, William, Blackrigg p Stapleton, bch, hsbm & Armstrong, Jannet, Shillingmoss p Stapleton, s/w. Ws: Crow, William, Bowngreen, taylor (Stapleton)

27 Aug 1755 Crozier, William, Holmhead p Bewcastle, bch, yeo & Routledge, Isabel, Stubb p Bewcastle, s/w. Ws: Armstron, Henry, Stanwix, maltster (Bewcastle)

15 Sep 1755 Little, John, the Green p Kirkandrews upon Esk, bch, yeo & Hetherington, Margaret, Corry Lees p Stapleton, s/w. Ws: Hetherington, William, p. Stapleton, yeo (Stapleton)

25 Oct 1755 Bulman, William, Coathill p Brampton, bch, yeo & Harding, Margt, Coathill, spr. Ws: Lamb, Richard, Carl, taylor. (Brampton)

25 Oct 1755 Routledge, Andrew, Stob p Bewcastle, bch, yeo & Boustead, Mary, Easeby p Brampton, s/w. ws: Bousted, James, Easeby, yeo. (Bewcastle or Brampton)

29 Dec 1755 Law, Henry, Howberry p Kirklinton, bch, joiner & Graham, Mary, Burnside p Kirlinton, s/w. Ws: Story, Francis, Lake, hsbm (Kirklinton)

4 Feb 1756 Routledge, John, Brampton, wdr, yeo & Faulder, Mary, p Warwick co Cumb, s/w. Ws: Phillips, Charles, Halloven, yeo (Brampton, Wetheral or Warwick)

31 Jul 1756 Bell, James, Flatt p Hayton, bch, yeo & Graham, Eliz, Easeby p Brampton, s/w. Ws: Graham, John, Easeby, yeo. (Brampton)

21 Aug 1756 Curwen, John, Beamond, bch, shoemaker & Tinling, Mary, Beamond, s/w. Ws: Falder, Robert, Beamond, shoemaker (Beamond)

30 Sep 1756 Matthews, Danil, Carl p St Maries, bch, blacksmith & Hall, Eliz, Carl p St Maries, s/w. Ws: Coulthard, Joseph, Carl p St Maries, tanner (St Maries)

2 Oct 1756 Milbourne, Robert, Brampton, bch, mercer & Hudson, Mary, Market Brough, W, minor, spr. Ws: Hudson, Robt, Brough (Bride

13 Nov 1756 Routledge, Rich(ar)d, Brampton, wdr, gent & Ewart, Jane, Brampton, s/w. Ws: Ewart, John (Brampton)

24 May 1757 Armstrong, Andrew, p Kirklinton, bch, taylor & Graham, Elizabeth, p Arthuret, s/w. Ws: Boustead, Jno, Carlisle, innkeeper (Arthuret or Kirklinton)

6 Sep 1757 Hope, David, Brampton, bch, checkmaker & Randles, Mary, Damside without Carl, a minor. Ws: Randles, Rebecca, Damside, wid. (Rebecca being one of those people called Quakers affirms that she is a wid. Unmarried & natural and lawful mother of Mary and she consents) (St Cuth. Carl)

25 Feb 1758 Faulder, John, Hudbeck p Castlesowerby, wdr, yeo & Hope, Margaret, Hudbeck. Ws: Atkinson, Robert, Sebraham, carpenter (Castlesowerby)

17 Apr 1758 Gibson, Patrick, Moorgards p Lannercost, bch, schoolmaster & Hetherington, Margaret, Moorgards, s/w. Ws: Hetherington, John, Moorgards (Lannercost)

20 May 1758 Routledge, Adam, Hillend p Bewcastle, wdr, yeo & Henderson, Jane, Kinkreyhill p Bewcastle, s/w. Ws: Graham, Arthur, Brampton, clothier (Bewcastle)

1 Jul 1758 Hetherington, John, Carl p St Cuth

15 Jul 1758 Graham, John, Newbuilding p Kirklinton, bch, yeo & Graham, Duce, Moorhouses p Kirklinton, s/w. Ws: Graham, Thomas, Reaburn, yeo. (Kirklinton)

12 Aug 1758 Webster, John, Armathwaite Hall p Bassenthwaite, bch & Routledge, Catherine, Kilston p Bewcastle, s/w. Ws: Reay, George, Seckmurthwaite, yeo (Bassenthwaite)

17 Aug 1758 Hope, John, Denton Mill p St Maries Carl, miller, bch & Toppin, Jane, Caltcoats P St Maries, s/w. Ws: Holstead, Henry, Carl. (St Maries Carl)

28 Oct 1758 Bulman, Richard, Crookedholme p Brampton, bch, yeo & Nicolson, Mary, Blackhouse p Irthington, s/w. Ws: Nicolson, John, Blackhouse, yeo. (Irthington)

3 Mar 1759 Graham, William, Lake p Kirklinton, bch, yeo & Lowry, Eliz, Scitterby p Kirklinton, s/w. Ws: Graham, George, Jellieshouse, yeo (K

9 Jun 1759 Dixon Wm, Stonehouse p Arthuret, wdr, hsbm & Graham, Jane, Gillbrea p Kirklinton, s/w. Ws: Clark, John, Maggysmire, hsbm. (K

29 Jun 1759 Baty, Will, Bewcastle, bch, clerk & Graham, Jane, Knells(?) p Stanwix, s/w. Ws: Ferguson, Richd, Carl, mch. (Stanwix)

22 Sep 1759 Coulthard, Joseph, St Maries Carl, bch, tanner & Hetherington, Ann, Orchardhouse p Lannercost, s/w. Ws: Pears, John, Carl, currier (Lannercost)

3 Nov 1759 Hetherington, David, Longthwaite p Wetheral, bch, yeo & Pearson, Mary, Low Crosby p Crosby on Eden, s/w. Ws: Richardson, Andrew, Dumhill (?), yeo. (Crosby on Eden)

1 Dec 1759 James Little, Wdr of Saughs, Bc, husbandman and Ann Davison, Ash, Bc, Singlewoman. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: George Davidson, Ash, Yeoman.

17 Jan 1760 Routledge, Edward, Smithsteads p Stapleton, bch, yeo & Graham, Isabella, Thornyflatts p Kirklinton, s/w. Ws: Routledge, George, Raw, yeo (Stapleton)

6 Feb 1760 Graham, Wm, Carl Rickergate p St Maries, bch, soldier & Graham, Jane, Stainton p Stanwix, s/w. Ws: Graham, Rob, Carl, soldier (Stanwix or St Maries Carl)

9 May 1760 Bell, Joseph, Lancaster, dioc. Chester, bch, gent & Graham, Mary, Kirkhill p Kirklinton, s/w. Ws: Todd, Bridgt, Cael, spr. (Kirklinton)

17 May 1760 Hetherington, Joseph, Howdale p Lannercost, wdr, yeo & Moffet, Mary, Kirkcammock p Lannercost, s/w. Ws: Graham, Edwd, Redhill, yeo. (Lannercost)

14 Jun 1760 Tinling, David, Ash p Kirklinton, bch, yeo & Hewitt, Catherine, Rickergate p St Maries Carl, s/w. Ws: Sandys, Thos, Rickergate, shoemaker (St Maries Carl)

13 Dec 1760 Routledge, John, Horsegills p Kirklinton, bch, hsbm & Tweddel, Ann, Reanhills p [sic Ringing Hills], Lannercost, s/w. Ws: Armstrong, James, Horsegills, yeo (Kirklinton or Lannercost)

24 Jan 1761 Lissalee (called Liscal), D(omini)que, now of Brampton, a French prisoner of war & Armstrong, Ann, Brampton. Ws: Aramstrong, Frances, Brampton, wid. (bride

27 Jan 1761 Armstrong, George, Kingwater p Lannercost, hsbm & Forster, Jane, Kingwater. Ws: Forster, John, Eskerton, yeo. (Lannercost)

14 Mar 1761 Armstrong, Georg, Bellbank p Stapleton, yeo & Smith, Mary, Thurlowgate p Haltwhistle, NHB. Ws: Smith, Nicholas, Thurlowgate, yeo (bride

11 Jun 1761 Routledge, John, Gillalees p Abby Lannercoast, yeo & Twentyman, Eleanor, Flimby c Flimby. Ws: Routledge, Adam, Brampton, yeo. (Chapel of Flimby)

26 Sep 1761 Armstrong, Jo(h)n, Brampton, serjeant in the 70th Regiment of Foot & Bendel, Jane, Brampton. Ws: Bendell, Edward, Brampton, hsbm (bride

9 Oct 1761 Woods, Martin, Damside p St Cuth Carl, billeatherdresser & Hope, Mary, Damside, wid. Ws: Ellis, Joshua, Damside, print cutter (St Cuth Carl)

12 Dec 1761 Graham, Wm, Hayton, yeo & Armstrong, Ann, Scotby p Wetheral. Ws: Atkinson, John, Scotby, yeo (Wetheral)

23 Jan 1762 Armstrong, John, Shaws p Lannercost, yeo & Robinson, Mary, Lannerton p Lannercost. Ws: Robson, John, Denton mill, miller (Lannercost)

23 Jan 1762 David Hetherington, Langlands, Kingwater, LP, Wdr., Malster and Eleanor Nixon, Langlands at LP. B: John Armstrong, Shaws,Yeo.

23 Apr 1762 Goodfellow, James, Caldewgate p St Maries Carl, hsbm & Holliday, Eliz, Stanwix. Ws: Robinson, John, Rickardgate, shoemaker (St Maries Carl)

29 May 1762 Routledge, Thos, Fawcetlees p Lannercost, hsbm & Scott, Mary, Nook p Kirkandrews on Eske. Ws: Scot, Robert, Nook, hsbm (Lannercost or Kirkandrews upon Eske)

2 Nov 1762 Snowden, Francis, Crooks p Haltwhistle N, yeo & Hetherington, Ann, Chappelburn p Lannercost. Ws: Hetherington, John, Chappelburn, yeo (Lannercost)

16 Dec 1762 Johnson, John p St Maries Carl, Soldier in the Westmorland Militia & Routledge, Ann, Westhall p Lannercost. Ws: Little, David, Carl, heckler. (St Maries Carl)

27 Dec 1762 Graham, Hugh, Holies p Brampton, slater & Forster, Eliz p Brampton. Ws: Forster, John, p Brampton, slater (Brampton)

1 Feb 1763 George Routledge, Raw, Bc Yeo and Grace Routledge, Oakshaw, Bc. At Bc

Bond: Thomas Armstrong, Lowgrains., Bc. Page 4

7 May 1763 Walter Armstrong, Wyleysike, LP, Yeo and Jane Grieve, Wyleysike at LP. B: Thomas Armstrong, Sundeburn,North Yorkshire.

25 Jun 1763 Thomas Douglas, Ash, Bc, Gardener and Catherine Routledge, Strangelands, Bc. Bond: Hy Routledge, Cumcrook, Yeo, Bc. Page 9

3 Nov 1763 William Jackson, Parknook, LP, Bach, Tanner and Dorothy Armstrong, Bushnook, Denton, SW. Bond: James Robson, Swaites, mason at Denton or St. Cuthbert

21 Aug 1764 James Armstrong, Sundaburn, Haltwhistle, NHb, Yeo and mary Allen, Bewsleybank, LP, Minor. B: William Allen, Bewsleybank, LP, Yeo at LP. WA is her father and consents. Pg 26

19 Aug 1765 Walter Armstrong, Brampton, Cooper, and Mary Bell, Tottergill, Castle Carrock, a Minor. B: Elizabeth Bell, Widow at Castle Carrock, EB is her mother and consents. Father is dead. Pg 45

5 Nov 1765 William Routledge, Bush, LP, Yeo, and Sarah Gallespy, Lineholmford, SP. At SP, B: Robert Waugh, Crook. Page 149

2 Dec 1765 John Little, St Mary

24 May 1766 Christopher Armstrong, Birkbush, LP, Yeo and Jane Forster, Flowryhirst, LP at LP. B: John forrester, Flowryhirst, LP, Yeo, pg 61.

14 Oct 1766 John Forster, Flowryhirst, LP Hsbm, and Jane Heslop,Wideopendikes, KL. At LP Christopher Armstrong, Birkbush, Yeo page 67.

31 Jan 1767 Thomas Hetherington, Allergarth, LP, Yeo and mary Armstrong, Smithsteads, LP, a minor. Bond: William Armstrong, Smtihsteads, LP, Yeo, WA is her father and consents.

11 Jul 1767 Robert Routledge, Grahamonset, Bc, Yeo, and Elizabeth Routledge, Baileyhead, minor, Bond: William Routledge, Bailelyhead, her father and consents

7 Sep 1767 James Laing, Keysbank, SP, Mason and Jane Hetherington, Southermoor, SP. Bond: William Harrison, Newby Forest, Clerk, SP. Page 80

1 Jan 1768 Lancelot Armstrong, Bankhead, KA on Esk and Mary Graham, Batinbush, KA Bond: John James, Knells p

21 Jan 1768 Adam Routledge, Bellbank, Bc, husbandman and Rachel Ashbridge, Halfmorton, Scotland. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: Henry Robson, Stanwix, Innholder. [Bc Mar 25 Mar 1760] page 87

7 May 1768 James Armstrong, Park, Bewcastle, Yeoman. Mary Tealford, Crook, Bewcastle. Mar to be at Bewcastle. Bond: Robert Wilson, Row, Yeoman.

14 May 1768 George Routledge, Oakshaw, Bc, Wdr, and Elizabeth Armstrong, Birkbush, LP. Mar to be at LP. Bond: George Thompson, Carlisle, Yeoman.

12 Nov 1768 Richard Armstrong, Fetherstonehaugh Castle, Haltwhistle, M. Dioc D, Yeo and Margaret Hodgson, the Garth, parish Castlecarrock, a minor. Bond: John Hodgson, Garthfoot, Castlecarrock, Yeo. JH is her uncle of her mother

17 Jun 1769 James Little, x, Saughs, Bc, Yeo and Jane Davison, Pike, Nichol Forest, KA at NF Bond: Thomas Nixon, Carlisle, Castler. Page 114

24 Jun 1769 Robert Dodgson, Ronestrees, Bc, Yeo, and Mary Bulman, Irthington at Bc or Irthington. Bond: John Bulman, Yeo, of Irthington

25 Nov 1769 John Baty, Roweltown, SP, Yeo and Dinah Armstrong, Parcrosset [sic Crossack, LP. At LP Bond: John Armstrong, Lineholmford, Yeo, page 121.

13 Jan 1770 David Potts, Lines, LP, Yeo and Mary Armstrong, Bc Demesne, Bc. B: John Armstrong, Mains, Bc, Yeo at Bc, page 126

3 Mar 1770 Thomas Armstrong, Lowgrains,Bc, Yeoman and Jane Armstrong, Dirtup, Bc at Bc. Bond: Edward Routledge, Trainflat (?), Yeo.

27 Oct 1770 William Armstrong, Smithsteads, LP, Yeo and Mary Nixon, Mires, Bc at Bc Bond: John Routledge, Stanwix Bank, Innkeeper

1 Dec 1770 John Routledge, Flatt, Bc, Yeo and Isabella Scott, Baileyhead, Bc. At Bc B: Thomas Routledge, Fawcett Lees, Yeo.

15 Dec 1770, pg 143 Leonard Routledge, Todholes, Bc, Yeo and Jane Routledge, Todholes, Widow. Bond: John Henderson, Kinkryhill, Yeo.

22 Dec 1770 Thomas Armstrong, Halwhistle Bridge, Nhb, Yeo, and Mary Lawson, Drumburgh, Bowness Parish at Bowness. Bond: Richard Lawson, yeo, pg 143.

25 May 1771 Joseph Egglestone, Melton, Farlam, Balcksmith and Jane Armstrong, Redknow, LP at LP. Bond: John Armstrong, Carlisle, Innkeeper, pg 152

24 Apr 1775 Steel, Thomas, Wetheral, joiner & Graham, Eliz, Wetheral, a minor. Ws: Graham, Farguss (he is her father & consents), Wetheral, hsbm. (Wetheral)

25 May 1775 Thomas Forester, Howlhirst, SP, Quaker, Gent and Jane Baxter, Baileytown, Arthuret. Mar to be at Arthuret. Bond: George Graham, shawseetown, Joiner. Page 23, jpg.

26 May 1775 CLEMENT ARMSTRONG, Stocostead, Bewcastle, Yeoman and JANE NIXON, Stocostead, a minor, ANN NIXON, her x, of Stocostead, Widow, her mother consents. Jpg

6 Jun 1775 John Story, Highonset, Bc, Husbandman and Mary Noble, Holy Line, Bc. Bond: Adam Routledge, Rickergate, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Pg 8, jpg. [at Bc: 14 Jun 1775]

12 Jun 1775 Robert Little, Butterhill, Bc, Husbandman and Mary Routledge, Baileyhead, Bc. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: Robert Graham, Onset, Yeo. Page 8 [at Bc: 15 Jun 1775]

11 Oct 1775 Richard Hetherington, Crackthorp, SP, Yeo and Mary Musgrave, Crakethorp. Mar to be at SP. Bond: John Mosscrop, Bridgend, page 12.

6 Jan 1776 Creighton, Jona., p St Maries, Carl, surgeon & Grayson, Mary, p St Maries. Ws: Grayson, James, St Maries, tallowchandler (St Maries)

15 Jun 1776 Mounsey, Christopher, Luckens, p Stapleton, yeo & Armstrong, Janet, Nook, Nicholforerest, Kirkandrews upon Eske. Ws: Irwing, Edward, How in the Harker, yeo (Nicholforrest)

6 Sept 1776 JOSEPH NIXON, Stocostead, Bewcastle, Yeoman and JANE NOBLE, Hole of Line, Bewcastle. (Bewcastle, bond: Clement Armstrong, Stocostead, Bewcastle, Yeoman.

4 Jan 1777 Elwood, Clement, Wetheral, a minor, miller & Dalton, Jane, Warwick, a minor. Ws: Dalton, Wm, maltster (he is her father & consents) & Elwood, George, Wetheral (he is his father & consents)

26 Aug 1777 Thomas Dixon, Davygill, Kirkoswald, Yeo and Ann Armstrong, Birkbush,LP. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Thomas Armstrong, Birkbush,

7 Feb 1778 Routledge, James, Tafley? Moor, Stapleton, wdr, yeo & Routledge, Mary, Nether Oakshaw, Bc. Ws: Mownsey, Christopher, Luckens, yeo (Bewcastle)

9 Mar 1778 Graham, Richard, p Kirkandrews upon Eske, joiner & Turner, Ellenor, Close Gap, Kirkandrews upon Eske. Ws: Turner, John, Close Gap, yeo (K upon E)

10 Aug 1778 Walton, Michael, Aldston, wdr, miner & Armstrong, Esther, Brampton, wid. Ws: Walton, Christopher, Wanwoodside, miner (Brampton)

5 Sep 1778 Bulman, Thomas, Irthington, weaver & Little, Jane, Irthington. Ws: Little, Andrew, Carl, innkeeper (Irthington)

25 Sep 1778 James Routledge, Taftey (?) Moor SP, Wdr, Yeo and Mary Routledge, Nether Oakshaw, Bc. At Bc, Bond: Christopher Mounsey, Luckens, SP, Yeo. pg. 49

25 Sep 1778 William Routledge, Trough, SP, Husbandman and Ann Little, Willknowrigg, Arthuret. At Arthuret. Bond: Andrew Little, Willknowrigg, Arthuret, Blacksmith.

3 Dec 1778 Sinclear, James, Kirklinton, miller & Armstrong, Mally, Kirklinton. Ws: Sawyer, Geo, _____heads, mason (K

6 Sept 1779 Thomas Nixon, Nobletown, Bc, Weaver and Elizabeth Routledge, Nunsclugh, Bc. B: John Routledge.

20 Sep 1779 Benjamin Forrester, Flowryhurst, LP and Mary Crow, Smithsteads, SP at LP. B: Thomas Jackson, Dormansteads, SP. Pg 70

20 Sep 1779 William Hetherington, Orchard House, LP, mch and Margaret Wilson, Brachenburgh, Hesket. Mar to be at LP. Bond: William Wilson, Brachenburgh, Hesket, Yeo,

6 May 1780 Walter Phillips, Pearhill, SP, Yeo and Mary Little, Dormansteads, SP, a minor. Bond: Thomas Little, Dormansteads, SP, is her father and consents. Pg 79

29 Jul 1780 Robert Hetherington, Whitehill, Walton, Husbandman and Isabella Smith, Rigg, Gretna, N B. Mar to be aqt Walton. Bond: John Smith, Righeadgreen, N S, Yeo. Page 83.

9 Aug 1780 Jonathan Bowman, Jenkinstown, SP, Miller and Elizabeth Gaddes, Sinkfoot, Arthuret. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Richard Gaddes, Blacksmith, Burnside. Pg 83.

17 Nov 1780 Bulman, Joseph, Irthington, hsbm & Boustead, Margt, Linstock Castle, p Stanwix. Ws: Little, Andrew, Carl, innkeeper (Stanwix)

18 Nov 1780 John Nichol, Brampton, Chpman, and Mary Sewell, Carlatton, adj Cumwhitton. Mar to be at Cumwhitton. Bond: Thomas Penruth, Carlatton, Husbandman. Pg 86.

26 May 1781 John Routledge, Netheroakshaw, Bc, Mason and Mary Dodgson, Dodson

2 Jun 1781 William Hetherington, Wheelbarrowhall, Wetheral, Blacksmith and Isabella Bell, Wheelbarrow. Mar to be at Wetheral. Bond: William Bell, Dockray, Husbandman, pg 93, jpg.

23 Jan 1781 Howe, Joseph, Great Corby, Wetheral, hsbm & Tillford, Mary, Corby Castle, Wetheral. Ws: Blacklock, Luke, Corby Castle, gent. (Wetheral)

6 Oct 1781 Howe, John, Laversdale Lane End, Irthington & How, Jane, Scotby, Wetheral. Ws: Phillipson, John, Crosshill, hsbm (Wetheral)

30 Sep 1782 John Armstrong, Crosset, LP, Yeo and Margaret Hetherington, Solmain, Walton Parish. Mar to be at Walton. Bond: Arthur Hetherington, Solmain, Walton, Yeo,

23 Nov 1782 Sanderson, Thomas, Coathill, Wetheral & How, Eliz, Scotby, Wetheral. Ws: Sanderson, Robert,

17 May 1783 James Rowntree, Palmerhill, LP, Yeo and Elizabeth Armstrong, Crosset, LP. Mar to be at LP. Bond: John Armstrong, Burnside, Yeo.

20 Sep 1783 Thomas Robinson, Cumwhitton, Wetheral, Yeo and Ann Boneson, Cumwhitton. Mar to be at Cumwhitton. Bond: William Blacklock, Cumwhitton, Yeo.

24 Jan 1784 John Forster, Owlhirst, SP, Quaker, Yeo and Ann Forster, Linethwaite, Nichol Forest, Kirkandrews, a minor. Bond: Thomas Dalton, x, Fieldfoot, Kirklinton, Yeo. He sign Forster and Forester. Thomas Dalton swears thaqthedid hear Ann Foster, Wd, who hath been married since the death of her husband, John Forster give her consent. Pg 128.

13 Mar 1784 Robert Armstrong, Stanwixbank, Stanwix, Yeo and Mary Story, Richergate, St. Mary

24 Apr 1784 Wm Sowerby Greenville, Slutbeck, Bc, Gent and Margaret Davison, Newhouse, Bc. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: Thomas Armstrong, Broomhill, Yeo. Page 131

15 May 1784 Richard Little, x, Crackup, SP, Yeoman and Mally Graham, otherwise Mary, Greenhill, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: John Little, x, Carlisle, Miller. Pg 131. [6/1/1784 #48

30 Nov 1784 Andrew Birrell, Trough, SP, Wdr, Yeo and Thomasine Noble, Hole of Line, Bc. Mar to be at SP. Bond: John Armstrong, LP,

4 Dec 1784 John Routledge, Nunsclugh, Bc and Ann Smith, Kirbecktown, Bc. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: William Grindley, Nunscleugh, Bc, Yeo. Pg 138.

14 May 1785 pg. 144, Adam Armstrong, Noblestown, Bc, Yeoman and Mary Oliver, Crosshills, Bc. Bond: Richard Richardson, Eutree.

11 Jun 1785 Thomas Routledge, Bank, Bc, Yeo and Elizabeth Routledge, Raw, Bc. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: George Routledge, Raw, page 145

5 Jul 1785 John Routledge, Gent of Brampton and Jane Routledge, Flatt, Bc, a minor. Mar to be at Bewcastle. Bond: John Routledge of Flatt, Gent. William Routledge is her father and consents. John Routledge is her brother.

5 Nov 1785 William Routledge, Bush, LP, Yeo and Sarah Gallespy, Lineholmford, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Robert Waugh, Crook, pg 149.

16 Feb 1785 Armstrong, James, Upperby, St Cuth, Carl, yeo & Dean, Mary, Browhead, Kirkandrews upon Eske. Ws: McNight, Thos, Upperby, miller.

27 May 1786 George Talfer, Baileyhead, Bc, Yeo and Jane Routledge, Baileyhead, Bc, at Bc. B: Richard Nixon, Clughside. Page 156

11 Nov 1786 William Gillesby, Warwickbridge, Wetheral, Quaker, Miller and Ann Little, Dormansteads, SP, a minor. Mar to be at SP. Bonds: John Irwin, Banks, Shoemaker. Sybil Little is her mother, Widow, and consents.

21 Apr 1787 John Armstrong, Solport Mill, Sp, Yeo and Eizabeth Irwing, Sikeshead, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Adam Armstrong, Carlisle. Pg 167 [21 Apr 1727 John Armstrong, Solport Mill, SP, Yeo and Elizabeth Irwing, Sikehead, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Adam Armstrong, Carlisle. Pg 131. [

19 May 1787 Allan Routledge, Troughburnfoot, SP and Mary Forster, Oldhall, Nicholforest. Mar to be at SP. Bond: William Forrester, Troughfoot, Yeo. Pg 168.

2 Jun 1787 Robert Blamire, Dalswton, Gent and Elizabeth Liddell, Bousteadhill, Burgh by Sands. Mar to be at Burgh by Sands. Bond: William Liddell, Bousteadhill, Gent. Pg 169

11 Jun 1787 John Armstrong, Bc, Yeo and Jane Davison, Pelayhill, Bc. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: James Davidson, Pelayhill, Yeo,

22 Jun 1787 Andarew Liddell, Penreth, Weaver and Mary Cummens, Brampton. Mar to be at Brampton. Bond: Andrew Little, Carlisle, pg 171.

24 Jul 1787 How, Jos(eph), Great Corby, Wetheral, wdr, yeo & Philips, Rebecca, Little Corby, Hayton. Ws: Phillips, Francis, Carl (Hayton)

20 Nov 1787 Hewitt, James, Rockliff & Armstrong, Mary, Far Crosset, Lanercost. Ws: Hewitt, Wm, Rockliff, carpenter (Lanercost)

19 Mar 1788 Wright, Robert, Brampton, wdr, yeo & Armstrong, Jane, Longtown, p Arthuret, s/w. Ws: Richardson, Walter, Arthuret, yeo (Arthuret)

20 Mar 1788 How, Christopher, Scotby & Gash, Mally, Warwick, p Warwick. Ws: Critn (Creighton), John, Warwick

15 May 1788 John Little, Maryholme, LP and Elizabeth Wright, Naworth, Brampton. Mar to be at LP. Bond: William Wright, Naworth.

14 June 1788 John Hetherington, Tarend, Brampton, Yeo and Elizabeth Bushby, Netherton, Hayton. Mar to be at Hayton. Bond: Thomas Elliot, Carlisle. Pg 183.

16 Aug 1788 Armstrong, Thomas, Crookedholme, Brampton & Robson, Mary, Irthington Miln, Irthington. Ws: Robson, Nathaniel, Irthington Miln (Irthington)

8 Nov 1788 Joseph Liddle, Drumburgh, Bowness, Yeoman and Margaret Johnston, Easton, Bowness. Mar to be at Bowness. Bond: William Norman, Easton. Pg 187. jpg

2 Dec 1788 John Hetherington, Utterbank,Hayton, Yeo and Mary Hind, Greenwell, Castlecarrock. Mar to be aqt Castlecarrock. Bond: John Armstrong, Caldewgate, pg 162

1788 James Hewet, Rockcliff and Mary Armstrong, Farcrosset, LP [sic Tercrosset?] mar to be at LP. Bond: William Hewitt, Rockcliff, 173.

21 Mar 1789 James Armstrong, Todholes, Bc and Jannet Scott, Saughtrees, Bc a minor. Bond: John Scott, Saughtrees, her father and he consents

25 Apr 1789 John Davison, Pelyhill, Bc and Isabella Moscrop, Shenk, SP. Mar to be at SP or Bc. Bond: Francis Mitcheson, Boltonfellend

30 May 1789 Robert Turnbull, Dorretkellgate SP and Jane Forester, Woodstown, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Joseph Hewet, Rickergate.

15 Jun 1789 William Liddle, ye Hill, Burgh by Sands, Farmer and Eleanor Lonsdale of Burgh by Sands. Bond: John Wilson of Burgh by Sands. pg 6a

17 Nov 1789 John Brown, Carlisle, St Mary

19 Dec 1789 Bowman, James, Brampton, skinner & Hetherington, Martha, Irthington. Ws: Barns, Edward, Carl. (Irthington)

6 Mar 1790 Edward Forster, Kellhead, Bc, Wdr and Barbara Waugh, Kellhead, Bc, Spinster. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: Robert Dodgeson, Roantrees. Pg 17a

8 May 1790 John Dodgson, Roantrees, Bc, a minor and Ann Routledge, Grahamonset, Bc. Bond: Robert Dodgson, Roantrees his father and consents.

17 Jul 1790 Thomas Armstrong, Hirsthead, Kirkandrews, and Elizabeth Goodfellow, Flowryhirst, LP. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Robert Goodfellow

23 Oct 1790 Thomas Thompson, Farlamhall and Isabella Hetherington, Hallinstown, Brampton. Mar to be at Brampton. Bond: James Hetherington, Hallinstown, Brampton. Pg 26

13 Nov 1790 Hetherington, John, Paitshill, Irthington, wdr & Taylor, Eliz, Wallfoot, Stanwix, s/w. Ws: Hetherington, Wiliam, Nunclose (Stanwix)

4 Jun 1791 Jonathan Bowman, Milestead, SP, Wdr and Ann Noble of Howdale, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Richard Tinning, Chappletown. Pg 7 jpg.

15 Jun 1791 William Wood, Greensdale and Mary Liddle of Drumburg, Bowness. Bond: John Nixon, Greensdale. Mar to be at Bowness. Pg 7

14 Aug 1791 John Jefferson, Michlewaite, Thursby and Jane Liddell, of same. Bond: John Jefferson, Woodside., pg 9.

9 Nov 1791 Sewell, Joseph, Wetheral, hsbm & Kay, Sarah, Holm-Cultram. Ws: Grainger, Francis, Holm-Cultram, yeo (Ho-Cult)

22 Nov 1791 Robinson, Joseph, Rickergate, St Maries, Carl, gen & Armstrong, Jane, Shaws, Lanercost. Ws: Robinson, Rob, Rickergate, gen (L

3 Dec 1791 James Smith, Bc and Mary Routledge, Killstown, Bc, a minor. Bond: William Routledge, her father and consents. Afft only.

28 Dec 1791 John Correl, Wdr, Kirkbampton and Isabella Liddell, Sikefoot, Wetheral. Bond: William Nicholson of Carlisle. Pg 13.

14 Jan 1792 John Story, Hagg, SP and Susanna Kennedy, Mossthorn, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Thomas Story, x, SP.

8 Sep 1792 Robert Little, Newhouse, Bowness and Elizabeth Liddell of Drumburgh, Bowness. Bond: John Little, Newhouse. Pg 23, jpg.

8 Dec 1792 John Armstrong, High Grains, LP and Mary Douglas, The Wrey, Brampton. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Thomas Potts, Barclose, pg 26.

29 Jun 1793 Thomas Errington, Wetheral and Nancy Hetherington, Great Corby, Wetheral. Mar to be at Wetheral. Bond: John Railton, Wetheral. Pg 36

26 Aug 1793 Nichole Haughan, Sowerbies, Bc and Isabella Routledge, Oakshaw,Bc, Wd. Mar to be at Bc Bond: William Armstrong, Lowtoddles. Pg 37 [did not find marriage]


21 Dec 1793 Thirlwall, Thomas, Irthington & Hetherington, Mary, Riggshield, Irthington. Ws: Dodgson, Isaac, Bewcastle (Irthington)

16 Feb 1794 George Bell, Nook, Irthington, Wdr and Mary Hetherington, Irthington. Mar to be at Irthington. Bond: John Martindale, Sowerby Row, Malster. Pg 45

17 May 1794 William Armstrong, Westtodholes, Bc and Mary Little, Saughs, Bc. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: William Little, Saughs, page 47.

26 May 1794 John Forester, Flowryhirst, LP and Eleanor Goodfellow. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Thomas Armstrong, Flowryhirst.

31 May 1794 Thomas Tweddle, Ringhills, LP and Mary Harding, Gillilees, LP. Bond: Arthur Harding., Gillylees, LP

31 May 1794 Joseph Nixon, Hole of Line, Bc, Wdr., and Margaret Armstrong of Hole of Line, Bc. Bond: Thomas Potts, Birdrigg.

4 Sep 1794 Robert Watson, Rickergate, St Mary

10 Sep 1794 Thomas Jackson, Whitehill, Walton and Elizabeth Routledge, Nixonstown, Bc, a minor. Bond: William Routledge, x, Nixonstown, her father, consents.

24 Nov 1794 Christopher Little, Cowrigg, Arthuret and Ann Graham, Parkend, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Robert Graham, Parkend, SP. Page 131.

No date [1795] Joseph Tweddle, Wdr, Nunscleugh, Bc and Margaret Routledge, Spinster, Gilleslee, LP. Bond: George Routledge, x, Bridgend, LP

23 Jun 1795 Hetherington, Joseph, Brampton, innkeeper & Yeoward, Lucy, Plumland. Ws: Hetherington, Joseph, Carl, innkeeper (Brampton)

10 Jul 1795 Thomas Routledge, Kinkryhill, Bc, Yeo and Jane Steel, Houghton, Stanwix. Mar to be at Stanwix. Bond: Leonard Potts, Borderrigg, Bc.

15 Aug 1795 Hetherington, Thos, Longthwaite, Wetheral, gent & Potts, Elizabeth, Bleatarn, Irthington. Ws: Potts, Joseph, Blackhall, gent (Irthington)

22 Aug 1795 Sewell, John, Scotby, Wetheral, tanner & Graham, Isabella, Scotby, wid. Ws: Jackson, John, Carl, gent (Wetheral)

20 Oct 1795 Howe, John, Thursby, clog-maker & Sandert, Margaret, Westward. Ws: Sandert, Joseph, Westward, gent (Westward)

12 Dec 1795 DAVID LITTLE of Stapleton, Yeoman and ELIZABETH HETHERINGTON of Aronstown, Brampton (Stapleton: THOMAS ROWNTREE, Puddingcrook, Stapleton) pg 73 [

7 Jan 1796 Robert Routledge, Bush, LP, Schoolmaster and Mally Calvert, Moorguards, LP. Mar to be at LP. Bond: John James, Carlisle Innkeeper.

8 Jan 1796 John Noble, Palmerhill, Yeo and Ann Barnsfather, Laversdale, Irthington. Mar to be at Irthington. Bond: George Barnsfather, Laversdale, Yeo, pg 76

No date [1796] Joseph Liddell, Orton, C, Wdr, Yeo and Dorothy Sanderson of Baldwinholme, Orton, Spinster. Bond: James Roustead, Linstock, Yeo, Orton, page 86

23 Apr 1796 Robson, William, Throp, Upperdenton, yeo & Armstrong, Jane, Willeyford, Upperdenton. Ws: Keay, John, Carl, gent (Upper Denton)

1 Aug 1796 John Armstrong, Blackbird, LP, Yeo and Elizabeth Little, Blackpoolgate, Bc. Bond: James Little, Blackpoolgate, Bc, Yeo. Pg 87 [at LP: 26 Aug 1796]

6 Aug 1796 Nichols Haughn, Oakshay, Bc [sic Oakshaw] Bachelor, Yeoman and Isabella Routledge, Oakshay, Bc, Wd. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: Edward Forster, Hillhead, Bc, yeoman, page 87.

3 Jan 1797 William Armstrong, Toddholes, Bc, Wdr, Yeo and Elizabeth Taylor, Commonflat, Bc, Wd. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: Edward Forster, Hillhead, Yeo. She is called Taylor on bond, Telfor on Affit., pg 96

No date Patrick Burn, Burgh by Sands, Weaver and Jane Irving, Burnfoot, Arthuret. Mar to be at Arthuret. Bond: John Liddle, Callico printer of Carlisle. Page 104

No Date John Steel, Sibergham, Yeo, and Sarah Liddel, Kirkbampton Bond: William Barwise, Yeo, Wigton at Kirkbampton. Page 106

18 Nov 1797 John Armstrong, Woodhead, Yeo and Mary Noble, Camock Loninghead, LP. Mar to be at LP. Bond: John Hogg, Paleshill, Yeo.

18 Nov 1797 Lancelot Armstrong, Bankhead, Kirkandrews on Esk, Wdr, Yeo, and Mary Story, Know, KA, Spinster. To be mar at KL. Bond: Ed Beaty, Cardew, Mason.

28 Apr 1798 Armstrong, John, Nook, Bewcastle, yeo & Clemitson, Mary, Brunstock p Crosby. Ws: Emmerson (Amerson), Brunstock, yeo (Crosby)

23 Jun 1798 John Goodfellow, Flowryhirst, LP, Yeo and Jane Goodfellow, Flowryhirst. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Thomas Armstrong, Bellbush, LP, Yeo. Pg 120

30 Jun 1798 Armstrong, Joseph, Willyford, Upper Denton, gent & Calvert, Jane, Moorgards, Lanercost. Ws: Hutton, Albany, Carl, gent (L

26 Aug 1798 Joseph Sibson, Crosscanonby, Yeo, and Sarah Topping, St Cuthbert, Carlisle. Mar to be at St Curthbert

29 Sep 1798 Robert Lamb, Windyhill, SP, Yeo and Mary Forster, Owlhirst, SP. To be mar at SP. Bond: Wm Baxter, Carlisle, Grocer.

16 Dec 1798 Hector Goodfellow,LP, and Mary Tweddle, Belbank, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: David Tweddle, Bc.

24 Dec 1798 Armstrong, John, Carlisle, butcher & Hetherington, Ann, St Mary, Carlisle. Ws: Glendinning, Adam, St Mary, yeo (bond only)

26 Jan 1799 Thomas Armstrong, Luckens, SP, Yeo and Mary Irwin, Luckens, SP. Mar to be at SP Bond: Joseph Tweddle, Luckens, Yeo.

7 Feb 1799 William Armstrong, Bc, Yeo and Elizabeth Speadin, Bc. Mar to be at Bc. Bond: William Little, Bc, Yeo. Pg 133.

8 May 1799 Ivison, John, Cumwhinton, Wetheral, yeo & Wilson, Mary, Cumwhinton, wid. Ws: Selby, Jno, Carl, grocer (Wetheral)

11 May 1799 Joseph Armstrong, Tar Crosset, LP, Yeo and Elizabeth Harding, Gillalees. Mar to be at LP. Bond: Arthur Harding, Gillalees, Yeo.

25 May 1799 Richard Hetherington, Lazonby, Yeo, and Jane Bardget, Lazonbyb. Bond: John Bardget, Gent. Pg 138.

22 Jun 1799 Andrew Routledge, Bc, Yeo, and Mary Watters, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Robert Watters, SP, Yeo

1800 Arthur Harding, Gillalees, LP yeoman and Elizabeth Routledge of Flatt, Bc. Bond: John Routledge , Flatt,

23 May 1801 John Hetherington, Brampton, Flax Dresser and Sarah Thompson, Brampton. Mar to be at Brampton. Bond: Thomas Millier, Carlisle, Calico Printer.

9 Nov 1801 Armstrong, John, Brampton, ostler & Hymes, Margaret, Brampton. Ws: Law, Wm, Carl., innkeeper (Brampton)

16 Jan 1802 Routledge, William, p. St Cuth, Carl, yeo & Hetherington, Dinah, p. St Cuth, Carl, minor (father William consents). Ws: Blacklock, Christopher, Carl, yeo

25 Jan 1802 Armstrong, Simon, Lanercost, yeo & Ladlaw, Ann, Lanercost. Ws: Ladlaw, John, Stapleton (Lanercost)

29 Jan 1802 Irwing, Thos, St Mary, Carl, wdr, joiner & Hetherington, Ann, Kirklinton. Ws: Armstrong, John, Carl, joiner (St Mary)

6 Mar 1802 Hetherington, Joseph, Moor House, Warwick, yeo & Moffit, Isabella, Horsegills, Kirklinton. Ws: Hetherington, Thomas, Moor House, yeo (K

13 Mar 1802 Gaskin, Rev. Willm, Reay, p St Mary, Carl & Armstrong, Isabella, Horse Close, p St Cuthbert, Carl. Ws: Wheelwright, Rev. Michael, Carl. (St Mary

20 Mar 1802 Noble, Thomas, p. Kirklinton, yeo & Sutton, Ann, p Wetheral. Ws: Noble, John, p. Kirklinton, yeo (K

20 Apr 1802 Stout, John, Caldewgate, p. St Mary, wdr, callico-printer & Armstrong, Eliz., Caldewgate, spr. Ws: Carrick, John, Caldewgate, yeo (St Mary)

5 May 1802 Hetherington, William, p Kirklinton & Armstrong, Mary, Bewcastle. Ws: Armstrong, Adam, Bewcastle (Bewcastle)

16 May 1802 Armstrong, John, the Hagg, p Stapleton, yeo & Wilson, Ann, the Raw, p Stapleton. Ws: Wilson, Robt, Cowrigg, yeo (Stapleton). John A. is a Quaker & affirms

25 May 1802 Nixon, John, Craigs, Bewcastle, yeo & Nixon, Mary, Holalane, Bewcastle. Ws: Shepherd, Wm, Carl, gent. (Bewcastle)

4 Sep 1802 Armstrong, Jos., Brampton, saddler & Routledge, Margaret, Brampton. Ws: Blamire, John, Buccabank, gent. (Brampton)

6 Oct 1802 Hetherington, Jos., Brampton, flaxdresser & Pears, Mary, Brampton. Ws: Hetherington, Jos., Rickergate near Carl, innkeeper (Brampton)

6 Nov 1802 Bell, John, Rack, Bewcastle, shoemaker & Nixon, Mary, Bewcastle. Ws: Graham, James, Slowlands burn, yeo (Bewcastle)

13 Nov 1802 Routledge, John, the Flatt, Bewcastle, gent. & Routledge, Jane, West Toddle, Bewcastle. Ws: Routledge, Richard, Peally Hill, gent. (Bewcastle)

29 Nov 1802 Coats, Thomas, Kirklinton, yeo & Graham, Jane, K

1 Dec 1802 Hewitt, John, Wigton, yeo & Hetherington, Jane, Stapleton. Ws: Musgrave, John, Stapleton, yeo. (Stapleton)

28 Feb 1803 Routledge, William, Flatt, Bewcastle, yeo & Armstrong, Mary, p. Irthington. Ws: Slack, John, Carl, yeo (Bewcastle)

2 Mar 1803 Peascod, Robert, Manchester, Lancs, gent. & Hetherington, Isabella, p. Wetheral. Ws: Hetherington, Thos, Beckhill, yeo.

28 May 1803 Goodfellow, Thomas, Flowry hirst, Lanercost, yeo & Thompson, Margaret, Stapleton. Ws: Forester, Thomas, Greenhill, p Stapleton, yeo (Stapleton)

28 May 1803 Hetherington, Walter, Thurstonfield, p Burgh by Sands, yeo & Norman, Mary p Orton. Ws: Davidson, George, Cocklet hill, Kirklinton, yeo (Orton)

11 Jun 1803 Armstrong, John, Kirkbeckstown, Bewcastle, under 21, yeo & Routledge, Mary, Bewcastle. Ws: Nixon, John, Mire, yeo. John Nixon swears he heard John Armstrong, father of John, give his consent

14 Jun 1803 Potts, Thomas, the Lines, Lanercost, yeo & Nixon, Syble, Bewcastle. Ws: Richardson, William, Bewcastle Mill, miller (Bewcastle)

29 Jul 1803 Sinclair, George, Botchardgate, p St Cuth, Carl, wdr, yeo & Armstrong, Eliz., p St Mary Carl, spr. Ws: Armstrong, Adam, Carl, weaver (St Mary)

12 Nov 1803 Armstrong James, Askerton, Lanercost, yeo & Dixon, Jane, Castlecarrock. Ws: Beattie, John, Greensburn, yeo (Cas: Car)

6 Mar 1804 Routledge, George, Lanercost, yeo & Pattinson, Hannah, Bewcastle. Ws: Routledge, James, p Stapleton, yeo (Bewcastle)

4 Aug 1804 Milburn, Thomas, Cumwhitton, yeo & Peat, Dinah, Ainstable. Ws: Hall, John, Syke foot, yeo (Ainstable)

24 Aug 1804 Edgar, Robert, Carl, p St Mary, taylor, yeo & Armstrong, Jane, p St Mary. Ws: Carrick, John, Carl, yeo (St Mary)

6 Oct 1804 Watters, John, p Kirklinton, yeo & Hetherington, Elizabeth, Hethersgill, Kirklinton. Ws: Edgar, Peter, Garras Town p Rickcliffe, yeo

16 Oct 1804 Robinson, William, Thornthwaite Lonning, p Bolton, yeo & Hetherington, Ann, p Stanwix. Ws: Baxter, Thomas, Friar Hill Gate, yeo (Stanwix)

3 Nov 1804 Routledge, Wm, Bewcastle, yeo & Routledge, Elizabeth, Bewcastle. Ws: Nixon, John Wilson, Bewcastle, yeo (Bewcastle)

10 Nov 1804 Armstrong, Joseph, Park Nook, Bewcastle, yeo & Baty, Elizabeth, Red Gate head, Bewcastle. Ws: Little, James, Red Gate Head, yeo (Bewcastle)

22 Dec 1804 Armstrong, Joseph, Lanercost, yeo & Milburn, Barbara, Lanercost. Ws: Milburn, Joseph, Lanercost, yeo (Lanercost)

6 May 1805 Armstrong, James, Woodhead, Scaleby, yeo & Morrison, Eiz, Irthington. Ws: Hutchison, James, Walby, p High Crosby, yeo (Irthington)

25 May 1805 Hetherington, Joseph, Brampton, yeo & Foster, Sarah, Brampton. Ws: Hetherington, Joseph, Brampton, butcher (Brampton)

27 May 1805 Routledge, Robert, Toddles, Bewcastle, hsbm & Armstrong, Jane, Bewcastle. Ws: Routledge, Leond, Bewcastle, hsbm (Bewcastle)

24 Jun 1805 Armstrong, Hendry, Scotch Street, St Mary, Carl, bch, servant man & Graham, Eleanor, Briscoe, p St Cuth, Carl, wid. Ws: Robson, John, Scotch Street, shoemaker (St Mary)

21 Aug 1805 Cowen, George, ye younger, p Kirkandrews upon Eden, bch, hsbm & Armstrong, Ann, p St Mary, Carl, wid. Ws: Cowen, Richard, p Kirkandrews upon Eden, hsbm (St Maries)

7 Sep 1805 Bell, Henry, Saughtree Gate, p Cumrew, gent & Armstrong, Mary, Brampton, a minor. Ws: Armstrong, Thomas (Mary

30 Sep 1805 Armstrong, Joseph, p St Cuth, Carl, labourer & Armstrong, Mary, p St Cuth, Carl. Ws: McMinnins, James, p St Cuth, Stocking-weaver (St Cuth)

3 Oct 1805 Morrison, William, Julian bower p Brougham, W., hsbm & Hetherington, Mary, p Brampton. Ws: Thompson, Thomas, Farlam Hall, Farlam, farmer (Brampton)

9 Nov 1805 Routledge, Robert, Bailey Head, Bewcastle, bch, yeo & Routledge, Margaret, Bewcastle, wid. Ws: Routledge, William, Kirkcambeck, Lanercost parish, yeo (Bewcastle)

23 May 1806 Armstrong, Adam, Bewcastle, yeo & Musgrave, Jane, Bewcastle. Ws: Cowin, John, Kirklinton, yeo (Bewcastle)

12 Jun 1806 Carruthers, William, St Cuth, Carl, yeo & Hall, Sarah, St Cuth. Ws: Carruthers, Jacob, St Mary, Carl, shoemaker (St Cuth)

11 Jul 1806 Armstrong, John, Bewcastle, yeo & Thompson, Jane, Holm Cultram, age over 20. Ws; Bulmon, Jonathan, Kirklinton, yeo (Bewc)

30 Aug 1806 James Routledge, Old Wall Irthington, Yeo and Mary Phillipson, Cross Hill, Irthington. Mar to be at Irthington. Bond: John Law, Old Wall, Yeo.

4 Nov 1806 Hetherington, John, p Irthington, yeo & Glencross, Margaret, p Burgh by Sands. Ws: Richardson, John, Irthington, yeo

8 Nov 1806 Hetherington, Thomas, Lanercost, yeo & Bell, Margaret, Lanercost. Ws: Edgar, Robeart, p St Mary, Carl, yeo (Lanercost)

12 Nov 1806 Hetherington, Thomas, p Bromfield, hsbm & Graham, Nancy, p Bromfield. Ws: Haig, _, p Bromfield, yeo. (Bromfield)

20 Jan 1807 Routledge, Richard, Bewcastle, yeo & Cowan, Margaret, p Crosby upon Eden. Ws: Smith, John, Crosby upon Eden, yeo (Xby on E)

26 Jan 1807 Armstrong, Edward, Lanercost, labourer & Black, Mary, p Walton, a minor. Ws: Armstrong, John, Lanercost, servant. John Bulman, Talkin, Hayton is her grandfather & guardian & consents.

15 May 1807 Graham, Thomas, p Brampton, yeo & Armstrong, Dinah, Brampton. Ws; Forster, Joseph, Brampton, shoemaker (Brampton)

23 May 1807 Hetherington, Isaac, Brampton, hsbm & Bell, Margaret, Castle carrock. Ws: Scott, James, Carlatten, hsbm (Cas-Carrock)

9 Jun 1807 Armstrong, Walter, Haltwhistle, Nhb, yeo & Elliot, Jane, Roughland p Kirkandrews upon Esk. Ws: Ellet, John, Roughlands. (K upon Esk)

17 Oct 1807 Fenwick, Stephen Henry, Kingmoor House, hsbm & Hetherington, Dinah/ Diana p St Mary, Carl. Ws: Fenwick, John, Kingmoor House, farmer. (St Mary)

16 Nov 1807 Hetherington, Joseph, p Kirklinton, yeo & Johnstone, Jane, Arthuret. Ws: Hetherington, David, Kirklinton, yeo (Arthuret)

2 Jan 1808 Nixon, Joseph, Bewcastle, wdr, yeo & Storey, Eleanor, Lanercost, spr, a minor. Ws: Potts, James, Bewcastle, yeo. J Potts swears that Dinah Story of Lanercost parish, wid is her mother & consents (Bewcastle)

24 Jun 1808 Hetherington, Thomas, p Scaleby, hsbm & Carr, Peggy, p Aspatria. Ws: Stubbs, John, p Wigton, innkeeper (Aspatria)

24 Jul 1808 Hetherington, Thomas, p Wetherall, farmer & Graham, Margaret, p Hayton. Ws: Scarrow, Thos, p St Cuth, Carl, innkeeper (Hayton)

28 Jul 1808 Armstrong, John, p St Mary

26 Sep 1808 Hetherington, Isaac, St Cuth, Carl, brazier & Ion, Margaret, p Ainstable, a minor under 20. Ws: Thomas, Joseph, p St Cuth, Carl, dyer (St Carl). LETTER: thiss is to sertefy that I Jno Ion Is perfectley willing that Isaac Hedrington should take Ought a Licence to Marry my Doughter Margrat Ion ass Witness My hand thiss 25 Sep Jno Ion. Witness: Joseph Thomas.

15 Oct 1808 Armstrong, Thomas, Bewcastle, hsbm & Irwing, Jane, p Arthuret. Ws: Graham, William, p St Cuth, Carl, innkeeper (Arthuret)

12 Nov 1808 Tweddle, Robt, Gallowberry, Lanercost, hsbm & Goodfellow, Mary, Lanercost. Ws: Goodfellow, Robert, Temmon p Upper Denton, labourer

3 Dec 1808 Sewell, Barnard, p Brampton, bch, weaver & Graham, Eliz p Brampton, wid. Ws: Sloan, Robt, Brampton, shoemaker. (Brampton)

28 Jan 1809 Milliken, John, Coalside, Bewcastle, hsbm & Routledge, Margaret, Bewcastle, a minor. Ws: Routledge, Robert, Baileyhead, Bewcastle, farmer. Robert R swears that Margaret R is her Mother & consents (Bewcastle)

15 Feb 1808 Armstrong, Edward, Lanercost, mason & McGee, Mary, Lanercost. Ws: Kettlewell, Vincent, Lanercost, Mason (Lanercost)

15 Oct 1808 Thomas Armstrong, Bewcastle, Husbandman and Jane Irwing, Arthuret. Mar to be at Arthuret. Bond: William Graham, x, St. Cuthbert, Carlisle, Innkeeper.

19 Oct 1808 Hodgson, Richd, Moorhouse, p Burgh by Sands, esq. & Hetherington, Mary, Brampton. Ws: Mounsey, Robt, Carl, esq (Brampton)

11 Nov 1808 Gardhouse, Thomas, Johnby p Greystock, hsbm & Routledge, Isabella, Lanercost. Ws: scarrow, Thos, Carl, innkeeper (Lanercost)

27 May 1809 Hall, Wm, Castle Street, Carl, wdr, joiner & Carruthers, Dinah, St Mary, Carl, spr. Ws: Hall, Joseph, Upperby, shoemaker (St Mary)

11 Jan 1810 Bell, Richard, p Dearham, mariner & Armstrong, Jane, p Cross Canonby. Ws: Fletcher, Joseph, p Cross Canonby, mariner (X can)

20 Jan 1810 Hetherington, William, Gillbanks, p Wetheral, hsbm & Lee, Eliz, Wetheral. Ws: Graham, John, Scotby, hsbm (Wetheral)

14 Feb 1810 Lewthwaite, Joseph, English Street, p St Cuth, Carl, shoemaker & Armstrong, Jane, p St Mary, Carl. Ws: Ritson, Joseph, Anneltwell Street, Carl, tallow chandler (St Mary)

10 Mar 1810 Nixon, John, Mire, p Bewcastle, yeo & Moses, Ann, p Brampton. Ws: Hetherington, Isaac, Kylewood, yeo (Brampton)

20 Apr 1810 Armstrong, James, p Dacre & Halfpenny, Eleanor, Dacre. Ws: Halfpenny, James, Penrith (Dacre)

29 May 1810 Armstrong, W., p Castle Sowerby & Kirkbride, Jane, Castle Sowerby. Ws: Hodgson, John, p Greystock (Cas-Sow)

6 Jun 1810 Armstrong, Walter, Packhorse Yard, p St Cuth, Carl, wdr, taylor & Matthews, Mary, p St Cuth. Ws: Heward, Thomas, Scotch Street, Carl, taylor (St Cuth)

6 Jun 1810 Turnbull, Walter, p Kirklinton, yeo & Noble, Mary, p Wetheral. Ws: Turnbull, Wm, Kirklinton, yeo (Wetheral)

29 Jun 1810 Randleson, John, p Brampton, wdr, yeo & Armstrong, Eliz. p Brampton, a minor. Ws: Joseph Armstrong (Eliz

2 Aug 1810 Hetherington, Joseph, Moss Side, p Kirklinton, hsbm & James, Eliz, p St Mary, Carl. Ws: James, Wm, p St Mary, seargent of the artillery (St Mary)

8 Sep 1810 John Goodfellow, Kirkandrews on Esk, Husbandman and Hannah Forster, SP. Mar to be at SP. Bond: Henry Ewart, Bc, Husbandman. Page 220

20 Oct 1810 Armstrong, John, Bleatarn, p Irthington, hsbm & Milbourn, Margaret, p Lannercost. Ws: Milburn, Thos, Troddermain, p Lannercost, farmer (L

26 Nov 1810 Goodfellow, William, Haithwaite, p Kirkandrews upon Esk, farmer & Graham, Margaret, p Stapleton. Ws: Clemitson, Thomas, Killtown p Bewcastle, farmer (Stapleton)

2 Jan 1811 Armstrong, Edwd, p St Cuth Carl, bch, cdw. & Pattinson, Frances, p St Mary, Carl, wid. Ws: Armstrong, Geo, Carl, butcher (St Cuth)

31 Jan 1811 Sewell, Joseph, p Wetheral, wdr, yeo & Chambers, Mary, p Orton, spr. Ws: Brown, John, p St Cuth, Carl, innkeeper (Orton)

28 Feb 1811 Foster, James, p Wetheral, farmer & Howe, Ann, p Wetheral. Ws: Tweddle, William, p Hayton, innkeeper (Wetheral)

24 Apr 1811 Armstrong, James, Wood, p Stapleton, hsbm & Phillip, Jane, p Dalston or St Mary, Carl, a minor. Ws: Phillip, Thos (Jane

18 Jun 1811 Miller, William, p Brampton, a minor (Mary, his mother, consents) & Hetherington, Elizabeth, Brampton, a minor (John senior, her father consents) Ws: Hetherington, John, Junr, p Brampton, labourer & Taylor, Wm, p Hayton, yeo (Brampton)

30 Aug 1811 Gibbs, John, p St Cuth, Carl, bch, gardner & Armstrong, Isabella, p St Cuth, Carl, wid. Ws: Brown, Robert, Mount, p Kirklinton, joiner (St Cuth)

16 May 1812 Hetherington, Arthur, Whitehill p Walton, yeo & Graham, Eliz, p Irthington, a minor. Ws: Graham, George (he

22 Jun 1812 Armstrong, Jona, Cockermouth, p Brigham, gent & Pattinson, Ann p St Cuth, Carl. Ws: Pattinson, John, p St Cuth, joiner (St Cuth)

16 Jun 1812 Routledge, George, p Stapleton, wdr, yeo & Armstrong, Margaret, p Bewcastle, wid. Ws: Thompson, Thomas, Stapleton, yeo (Bewcastle)

6 Mar 1813 Graham, George, Kirklinton, yeo & Goodfellow, Martha, Kirkandrews upon Esk. Ws: Kay, John, Rigg, p Kirklinton (K on Esk)

7 Apr 1813 John Armstrong, Munkle Mill, Beaumont, Bach and Eleanor Correy, Stanwix, Widow. B: John Haugh, Haughton, Stanwix, yeo at Stanwix, pg 10

26 Apr 1813 Goodfellow, Archibald, Lannercost, yeo & Mitchelson, Mary, Stapleton. Ws: Routledge, Wm, Bewcastle, yeo (Stapleton)

9 Jun 1813 Thomas Gillespy, SP, Yeo, and Margaret Armstrong, SP at SP. B: Thomas Hetherington, SP, Yeo, pg 8.

19 Jun 1813 Thomas Hetherington, SP, a minor, Yeo and Sarah Musgrave, SP at SP. B: William Haugh, Stanwix, Yeo. And Thomas Gilliburn, Crosby, Yeo. WH and TG being guardians of TH give consent, pg 8

28 Jun 1813 Hetherington, Richd, Irthington, yeo & Barnfather, Margaret, Irthington. Ws: Hewit, John, Irthington, yeo (Irthington)

2 Apr 1814 Goodfellow, Robert, Raughton p Dalston, hsbm & Thompson, Jane, Raughton Head, p Castle Sowerby. Ws: Monkhouse, John, Raughton, woodmonger (Cas-Sow)

2 Jun 1814 Armstrong, Thomas, Snouts, p Bewcastle, hsbm & Dodgson, Ann, Bewcastle, a minor. Ws: Dodgson, John (her father

17 Feb 1815 Hetherington, Wm, Botchergate, p St Cuth Carl, wdr, calico printer & Wood, Elizabeth, St Cuth, Carl, spr. Ws: Robinson, Robert, Caltcoats, p St Mary, calico printer (St Cuth)

4 Apr 1815 Sewell, John, Wetheral, gent & Hetherington, Ann, Wetheral. Ws: Routledge, Arthur, Wetheral, gent (Wetheral)

8 Apr 1815 Wannop, William, Scaleby, hsbm & Armstrong, Margaret, scaleby. Ws: Norman, Thos, Carl, innkeeper (Scaleby)

4 May 1815 Scott, Isaac, Brisco Hill p St Cuth, Carl, bch, yeo & Armstrong, Eleanor, St Cuth, wid. Ws: Scott, Wm, Brisco Hill, yeo (St Cuth)

17 May 1815 Pigg, Thos, Bewcastle, wdr, shoemaker & Armstrong, Jane, Bewcastle, spr. Ws: Armstrong, John, Bewcastle, farmer (Bewcastle)

14 Oct 1815 Howe, Joseph, Corby, Wetheral, clogger & Hudson, Margaret, St Mary, Carl. Ws: Place, Thos, Carl, innkeeper (St Mary)

10 Nov 1815 McDowall, John, Caldewgate, St Mary, Carl, warper & Creighton, Margaret, St Mary, carl. Ws: Creighton, Jas, Willowholme, near Carl, dyer (St Mary)

13 Nov 1815 Armstrong, John, Kirkbeckstown, Bewcastle, farmer & Routledge, Mary, Bewcastle. Ws: Ewart, John, Know, Bewcastle, farmer (Bewcastle)

18 Nov 1815 Reay, William, Laversdale, Irthington, hsbm & Hetherington, Jane, Irthington. Ws: Irving, Joseph, Irthington, farmer (Irthington)

23 May 1816 John Hetherington, SP, Yeo, Jane Foster, LP. At SP, B: John Talford,SP, Yeo,

29 May 1816 Hammond, Joseph, Wetheral, farmer & Hetherington, Nanny, Wetheral. Ws: Hammond, james, Cotherstone, co Yorks, schoolmaster (Wetheral)

13 Jun 1816 Hector Goodfellow, LP, Yeo and Margaret A*, Bc, at Bc, B: Archibald Goodfellow, Yeo

13 Sep 1816 Hetherington, William, Wetheral, blacksmith & Atkinson, Winifred, Penrith. Ws: Elliot, Robert, Penrith, taylor. (Penrith)

3 Dec 1816 Hetherington, Caleb Dixon, Skelton, farmer & Noble, Sarah, Sebergham, a minor. Ws: Noble, John (her father

15 Mar 1817 Howe, George, Corby, Wetheral, hsbm & Lawson, Margaret, Wetheral. Ws: Peascod, Wm, St Cuth, Carl, grocer (Wetheral)

14 Jul 1817 Armstrong, Joseph, Brampton, common carrier & Wallace, Mary, Lanley, Nhb. Ws: Graham, Joseph, Carl, labourer (Brampton)

28 Aug 1817 Jefferson, Alfred, Holm Cultram, yeo & Armstrong, Margaret, Kirklinton. Ws: Armstrong, John, Kirklinton, yeo (Kirklinton)

29 Nov 1817 Hetherington, David, Kirklinton, yeo & Bowman, Elizabeth, Kirklinton. Ws: Turnbull, Robt, Kirklinton, yeo (K

3 Jul 1818 Armstrong, George, Rickergate, St Mary, Carl, spirit-merchant & Graham, Jane, Rockcliff. Ws: Hope, Andrew, Cannonby, NB, draper (St Mary)

28 Aug 1818 Hetherington, John, Irthington, yeo & Bell, Anne, Scaleby. Ws: Edwards, John, Kirklinton, yeo (Irthington)

16 Dec 1818 Hetherington, Walter, St Cuth, Carl, warehouseman & Rickerby, Mary, Burgh by Sands. Ws: Cowen, Richard, Kirkandrews upon Eden, farmer (S: Cuth)

19 Feb 1819 Rutherford, John, Longtown, Arthuret, bricklayer & Creighton, Jane, St Mary, Carl. Ws: Creighton, Jas or Jos,Carl, dyer (St Mary)

3 Jun 1819 Maxwell, William, Botchergate, St Cuth, Carl, cotton spinner & Armstrong, Elizabeth, St Cuth, Carl. Ws: Nicholson, Caleb, Botchergate, spinner (St Cuth)

5 Jun 1819 Harrison, John, St Mary, Carl, sergant major of the 18 Regiment of Huzzers & Armstrong, Ann, St Mary, Carl, a minor. Ws: Armstrong, John (Ann

28 Dec 1819 Hope, John, Kirklinton, yeo & Armstrong, Eleanor, Kirklinton, minor. Ws: Hope, John, Kirklinton, yeo and Armstrong, William (her father

15 Jun 1820 Little, Joseph, Brampton, shoemaker & Armstrong, Isabella, Brampton. Ws: Armstrong, Timothy, Brampton, farmer (Brampton)

30 Jun 1820 Milburn, William, Great Corby, Wetheral, stonemason & Howe, Isabella, Wetheral. Ws: Milburn, Thomas, Great Corby, stonemason (Wetheral)

26 May 1821 Milburn, Thomas, Wetheral & Bell, Eleanor, Wetheral. Ws: Bell, John, Wetheral (Wetheral)

6 Dec 1821 Howe, Thomas, Scotby, Wetheral, hsbm & Barwise, Sarah, Holme Cultram. Ws: Sutton, William, Scotby, yeo (Ho-Cult)

30 Aug 1822 Hunter, Robert, Warwick Bridge, Wetheral, miller & Sewell, Sarah, Wetheral. Ws: Sewell, Robert, Warwick Bridge, dyer (Wetheral)

4 Jan 1823 Ferguson, John, Oakbank, Kirkandrews upon Esk, farmer & Armstrong, Jane, Kirkandrews upon Esk. Ws: Armstrong, John, Dikeside, Kirkandrews upon Esk, farmer (K-esk)

2 Aug 1823 Armstrong, James, St

13 Dec 1823 Armstrong, John, Wreayhall & Creighton, Mary, Woodside, St Cuth, Carl, under 21. Ws: George Creighton (her father

4 Oct 1824 Slater, Christopher, Wetheral & Robinson, Jane, Wetheral, (Wetheral)