Progress: Mammillaria Duwei

Pictures taken 18-04-2014.

The old five seedlings are at the top, and the new ones underneath. The seeds start off as very round, quite reddish at first, then turning yellow towards green. The older seedlings have become more cylindrical.

Pictures taken 29-05-2014

Mammillaria Duwei, a cactus from Mexico.


First Attempt

5 seeds, sown on 23-02-2014. All five germinated, 1 at 10 days, 2 at 14 days and 2 at 15 days.

100% success rate.


Repotted with the 'second attempt' seeds 5-04-2014.


Second Attempt

10 seeds, sown on 5-04-2014. So far eight have germinated, 1 at 7 days, 1 at 9 days, 1 at 10 days, 3 at 11 days, 1 at 12 days, 1 at 13 days.

80% success rate so far.


Pictures taken 18-05-2014

As you can see, at least two of the older mammillaria have matured considerably over the month.