Progress: Ferns

Ferns - Hardy Species Mixed (587P) from Chiltern Seeds.


About thirty years ago, I tried growing some ferns. Quite a few germinated, but they all died as I allowed them to dry out. While they lasted, they were fascinating.

This time I sowed the whole packet (using silver sand as the seeds were dust-like) in a plastic container (actually the packet for my propagator timer).

It's all coming along splendidly. From a side view, it now looks like a Jurassic Forest. I'm half expecting to see miniature dinosaurs running around (and tiny Hollywood directors with big megaphones).

I managed to drown some while adding water. These are now slowly turning into coal.

Picture taken 02-05-2014

Picture taken 29-05-2014

Picture taken 05-06-2014

Pictures taken 10-06-2014