Doing the research and buying

First problem. I need to find a propagator (didn't help that my first search queries were for 'incubator' - wondered why all my hits were about eggs!).

I'm surprised at how little choice there is, and how the automatic assumption is that I'm starting a cannabis factory (many sites seem to exist solely for that purpose). 'Amazon', in its 'other people bought' section, immediately advertise a book on how to grow cannabis.

I'm looking for a simple, elegant propagator that will look smart in smart surroundings.  Everything looks DIY, except for the Garland Grow Light.  Also purchased a timer switch.

The Garland doesn't have any heating so I've bought a heat mat really intended for keeping exotic animals. Just happens to be exactly the right size for the propagator.


Buying the seeds from Cactus Shop. Problem here - my Paypal account isn't functioning, so have sent a cheque (first one of those I've wriitten in a year).