2016 Sowing

I've just sown the following from Chiltern Seeds:


Epiphyllum, Large-flowered Mixed Hybrids
Orchid Cactus

Azureocereus hertlingianus
Cactus, Blue Cereus

Astrophytum, Mixed Species

Ariocarpus, Mixed Species

Hylocereus undatus
Dragon Fruit

Mammillaria, Mixed Species

2014-2016 Review

2014-2016 Review

This last year was pretty much a disaster.

I tried sowing with old seeds from 2014, but not many germinated and none grew. This may have been because they were old. It may have been that I didn't switch on the heating mat under the pots on a daily basis. It may have been that I made the pot tents too large so that they lost humidity. It may have been that I used plastic fridge bags that were thicker than the 2014 cling film - and so diffused the light.

Furthermore, one of the lights in my propagator developed a loose connection and flicked off on any vibration.

The end result was that I was so annoyed with the whole thing that I started to avoid the problem and ignored the otherwise healthy 2014 batch for about three months. Not good for them - and possibly they are now smaller than they should be.

I have now repotted the 2014 generation into five troughs (and one pot). All are mixed packets from Chiltern Seeds, apart from the Mammillaria Duwei that come from another nursery. They have been repotted into Levington Desert Cactut compost.

As these come from mixed seeds, I don't actually know what they are. I would be very grateful if people could identify them for me.