2014-2015: Mixed Cactus E (230B): Batch 1

This was my first cactus sowing ... actually, in two batches. The first was in February 2014 and the second in May 2014.

The first started started well, but was hit badly by my vermiculite-on-the-top policy. The seedlings dried out to much and root development was limited. The second batch was much more successful.

You can see my earlier progress report on this first batch here. The first seed to germinate was this:

and became this:

The root isn't terribly well developed, and the seedling can't stand upright without support:

Here it is in relation to the other seedlings in the pot.

I've repotted these two together as:

There were five other seedlings in this batch. The smallest seeding lost its head during an earlier repotting and has now been binned.

The remaining four have been repotted: