2014-2015: Review


Review of  2014-15


Typical of me, I stopped recording day-by-day, and largely left the seedlings to their own devices. This has been good in some ways (stopped me tampering) and bad in others (failing to notice that water was needed, and the like).

So, ups and downs, both in me and the plants.

The herbs worked fine. The parsley proved too unruly, and required too much space, so I put it in my cooking pot. The Basil grew into fairly vigorous plants, that I chopped bits off occasionally, and that eventually flowered and died. Clearly, I need to work out a way to grow about the right amount for my average weekly use, as I don't have the space to be inefficient.

The ferns didn't like me. Mostly a matter of water control again, as well as a lack of air flow (which hasn't been a problem with the cacti at all). The ferns grew strongly, but mostly died ... and eventually I ditched the whole lot. My lesson - the ferns need to be kept immersed in water (I've discovered that a 7cm pot can hang from the rim of a coffee mug).

Some cactus and succulents didn't work at all - not even germination. Generally I think this was because I allowed things to dry out. But others look (to me) pretty good.

My biggest mistake was to put perlite as the top layer in the pot - this dried out far too quickly. Later pots had vermiculite at the top, and layers of perlite and vermiculite underneath. I also took to drilling a small hole for each individual seed - this helped the initial root to catch.

I am being ruthless. I have a lack of space so I've thrown many of the smaller seedlings away, and will continue to remove pots to create space for more.